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Back in season!

Back In Season

When I set out to write this post I had to pick a title.  For the sake of all my readers I refrained from selecting “Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful” or something else Christmas-y because a) I’d rather not remind you that as I write this it’s freaking SNOWING, and b) I’m way past […]

Bond.  James Bond.

Floating Nose Bribe

I’m disturbed. Not in that way – that’s not really a surprise to anyone.   I’m disturbed with what Google things The Paul Gillespie Experience is. I just


Bring On The Sand

T-minus three weeks. Less than  month before I get to see some of the most fun people you’ll ever meet. Twenty-one days until diving and landing flat doesn’t result in broken bones, bruises or the need for a lot of ibuprofen the next morning. About 500 hours until my feet will be buried in the […]

I've got someone for you...

In Search Of?

If you’re in need of a sharp person who understands contracts I’ve got someone for you.  I have a friend with whom I’ve worked (I know – I bet you never thought I’d ever figure out the proper usage of the word “whom”…but after 39 years

A volleyball in the hand is worth two in the face.

Kinda Excited…

I’m kinda excited right now. Not because I got 18 hours of sleep in the past 30, although that was a pretty big highlight, as well (and probably a sign that it was one hell of a crazy busy/exhausting week).  Nor because I’m sitting at Starbucks, drinking a