Been A While

I just looked at the date of my last post: September 18th.  That’s almost two months (57 days, specifically) since I last put anything up on the Paul Gillespie Experience.   Oddly enough, despite my tepid performance on posting this year I’m still on pace to hit nearly 5,000 views here this year.  Apparently even in my absence I can still be entertaining.  (not entirely sure how to take that, but whatever…)

Quite a bit has Continue reading Been A While

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday we laid a friend to rest way too soon.  Chris passed away Friday morning and we had the funeral and said goodbye yesterday.

It was a particularly rough couple of days for me, and I can’t imagine how many of my friends who knew Chris better than I did were able to cope with it.

I could count on my hands the number of times I’d gotten to hang out with Chris, but that was really irrelevant.  The first time I met him he and Sammy (my youngest) had Continue reading Saying Goodbye

A Great Memorial Day Weekend

I don’t know about you, but I had an absolutely spectacular holiday weekend.  Water (still want to be in it), too much Fireball (still love it), beer pong (still undefeated), some sun (still pasty white), good fishing (still never caught a bass) and a lot of beer (still can’t shotgun one) – all topped off with not-exactly-Thai food.  Great times with good friends – you really can’t beat that combination.

And after this past week it was much needed.

It started on Saturday – I flew home from Grammy’s not-a-funeral service after spending a great time with family (some of whom I haven’t seen in 20 years) and discovering the joy of drinking lighter fluid Continue reading A Great Memorial Day Weekend

May’s on FIRE!

This past weekend was the annual May Fire! tournament out at Volleyball Beach.  If you’re not familiar with May Fire! think of it this way – the best beach volleyball players around make their way out to Martin City (south KC) and compete for thousands of dollars in prize money.  It’s easily the best beach volleyball you’ll see in the Midwest.

This year was no disappointment.  The battles were many, and it didn’t matter which team you were rooting for – you couldn’t help but be impressed when Continue reading May’s on FIRE!

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