So I’m sitting here at Starbucks (off State Line), writing this post because I needed a break from what I was doing.  What I was doing was (hopefully) finishing the conceptual content for the card game I created.  It’s a lot more work than I expected it was going to be, and I’ve spend several hours in the conceptual stage fleshing it out (the gameplay, the cards, the specs, etc.).

Now it’s on to Continue reading Tradeoffs

(Un)productive Games

Anyone who knows me knows I love games.   And I love a variety of games; I’m not tethered to just RPGs or just board games.  My tastes run the gamut – everything from stock card games to console games to board games; PC games to custom card games to pen-and-paper games.

A lot depends on the mood I’m in and what else is going on.  I might feel like taking on a dungeon crawl in Munchkin; maybe I’d rather go with a classic game of chess; perhaps I’m thinking old-school with Continue reading (Un)productive Games

You have been warned.