10-Minute Dungeon Delve

10-minute Dungeon Delve is almost live.  And by that I mean you can buy a copy – of the cards, anyway.  Although my Kickstarter campaign did not fund, there was enough demand that I put together all 144 cards and a rules sheet up on The Game Crafter so if you’re interested you can get a copy for yourself.

The product should go live (available) around the 26th of June.

There aren’t any health counters (I used pennies, nickels and dimes), no 20-sided die (less than $1 a good tabletop gaming shop) nor a box – but you can get the full-color printed cards and play the game.  I’m going to let this run for a bit this way and then re-evaluate.  I’d really like to do it en masse and include everything, but unfortunately it was just cost-prohibitive to do so.

In the meantime, I’m working on a couple of other game-related projects which I hope to see some traction on.

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