I’m so excited.

First, I just hit my 100th post at PaulGillespie.me.  Good thing I don’t do this for the numbers or the fact that it took me just three days shy of two years to hit 100 posts would probably discourage me.  Good thing I’m resilient that way.  Or that I just don’t care about the numbers – this is my blog, for my fun and entertainment…and hopefully someone else gets something out of it.

Second, though, I saw my “search engine terms” included the following three over the last couple of days (click on the picture on the right for a bigger version):

  • sites as awesome as the chive
  • squirrel coffee animated
  • sand volleyball tournament

So, a grand total of five people found this blog as a result of Google/Bing/Yahoo!/etc. bringing up The Paul Gillespie Experience somewhere in their list as a site that was a good match for those terms when someone searched on them.  This is getting close to my equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest.  To be brought up as a site even remotely associated with “The Chive“, or an animated squirrel with coffee is awesome enough, but then throw in that a search on “sand volleyball tournament” turns up my personal blog and…it’s just indescribable.  Too much greatness for words.  The only thing I think that would make it better is if a search for “Chuck” turned this site up, as well – or if Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin or one of the other cast & crew of Chuck guest blogged or even commented here.  Of course that might be so incredibly incredible that I’d just pass out.

[side note to any of the cast/crew of Chuck who happen to read this:  I’m willing to take the pass out risk if you stop by and comment/blog!]

Anyway – hope you have a great Friday and a spectacular weekend.  I’m off to play some volleyball on Saturday so wish us luck.  Quads taking on teams of sixes in competitive, so we’ll need our A+ game to keep out there.

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