No Picture, Just Words

I love a good, catchy phrase with a beautiful picture associated with it.  The inspirational quote attached to the picture of snow-capped mountains; the words “just live” overlaid on an image of kids swinging; a mission statement plastered above a gorgeous sunrise.  Anything combination that lends itself to amplifying the message is goodness in my book (assuming, of course, the message was good to start with).

But sometimes you don’t even need the picture to make it powerful – maybe an image would actually take away from it.  Sometimes the words conjure up your own set of images to go with them or they just reach straight into your soul.

Or, my favorite – the truths that are so obvious but that we (or at least _I_) completely miss time and time again.  Like the one on the left.

As such, I enjoy trolling icanread (  If you haven’t been there I suggest checking it out – it’s worth bookmarking.  There’s not a ton of new content regularly, but there are roughly 530+ pages of image/quotes with ten per page so you’re bound not to run out of good content for a while.

(post image courtesy of icanread)

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