A Temporary End

I’m sad.

After tonight I’ve got to wait almost five and a half months before I get to be a sandy pirate hooker again.  Nearly half a year before I get to practice my chickenscratch.  Roughly 23 weeks until I can experience the sports benefit of a Pale Ale in one hand and a couple of Twizzlers in the other.

That’s right – after Tuesday night my beach volleyball league season is over.

My body’s not too upset and I can hear my liver rejoicing, but I’m still sad because I won’t see most of the people there for a long time.

There are some I’ll see regularly – I still run a business (Spicy or Mild) with a couple, hang out with a couple more and have tons of phone numbers to call when the weekend starts and something needs to happen.  But for the vast majority of the people I know from the best place in the midwest to play volleyball (Volleyball Beach) tonight I bid adieu to you and you and you.  If I didn’t bid it on Sunday or last Thursday already.

No more laying out to save an errant pass.  No more pretending I’m at a beach (I have a good imagination, deal with it) romping in the sand.  And no more sand-in-the-underwear exfoliation (you’re welcome for the visual).

At least for a little while.

Because that’s the beauty of it – come early April, God-willing, I’ll be back on the courts exercising muscles that haven’t felt the light of day all winter.  And hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to see all my friends again.  I’m sure some will have moved away (you know who you are, ye who moved away last off-season) or abandoned the awesome sport in favor of something less awesome (like skydiving from 128,000 feet up).  But, for the most part, I fully expect to see everybody come April 1 of next year out at Howard’s establishment.

That’s the only plus to a temporary end – it’s temporary.  The seasons change and outdoor sports become untenable (although if my normal Tuesday night late night crew would do it I’d play with y’all in 0-degree weather…), but the Earth continues to rotate and the sun continues to rise.  Enough of those suns rising and suddenly you catch a hint of Spring…and then before you know it you’re donning your sand socks in anticipation of feeling the gentle caress of the beach sand again.

Friendly faces start appearing through the doors and suddenly it’s a reunion again.  Friends are found, friends are made and friends are toasted to.  Because that’s the family that is Volleyball Beach – my home away from home.

So to all my friends – old, new and soon-to-be – have a great off-season, stay safe and here’s to next April!

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