About Paul

Who is this Paul Gillespie character anyway?  And why am I here?

The first question I can answer for you; the second I could estimate along the lines of “you have good taste and thus want to take part in the awesome that is The Paul Gillespie Experience“, but that’s just a guess.  So let’s just worry about the first one for now.

I’m an avid beach volleyball player, which probably sounds odd given the fact that I live in the Midwest where it’s as likely to be 30 as it is to be 80.  But nonetheless I’m a huge beach volleyball player, playing on average 15-20 hours a week out at Volleyball Beach.  I only get to play six months out of the year so I make the most of it – three to four hours a night, at least three nights a week and often four or five.

I love coffee (the taste, not just the nice caffeine effect) and drink it pretty much every day – for better or worse.  Most days when I’m not hanging out at home you can find me in a coffee shop working, playing or just relaxing…with a cup of java in-hand.

I love to write – I pen this main blog and a few others – despite an almost disturbing overuse of punctuation.  I’m working on a novel and a couple of short stories, as well.

I enjoy my downtime by playing beach volleyball, hanging out with my six boys or spending time with my awesome friends.  I’m a bleed-crimson-and-blue Kansas Jayhawk (despite living in Missouri).  I’m a Chiefs fan at heart, regardless of record, and a supporter of the Royals forever.

There you go – that’s Paul Gillespie in a nutshell.  Interesting?  I like to think so…but I’m interesting enough for me to love and frankly that’s all I’m really worried about.

Wanna know more?  Feel free to hit me up at paulyforfun [at] gmail [dot] com.

Void in Vermont, California and where prohibited by law.