And the stars aligned.  Or the planets, at least.This week was awesome, Sunday excepted.

Although I got turned down for the job I interviewed for on Monday (which is fine – it was a long-shot and well outside my core expertise) I had an excellent interview on Tuesday and two great ones today (the second being absolutely spectacular – a relaxed, almost conversational interview with two executives; much like the one I had back in December for the gig I turned down).  I also have one on Monday and probably another one Tuesday, followed by a trip down to Houston for a fourth (and final) interview on a promising pricing job down there (and to visit a friend of mine to boot).

It feels like it’s raining opportunities – and I’m not complaining one bit.  But opportunities haven’t finalized into a job yet so I’m still doing some coding work.  A little WordPress, some Javascript, JQuery.  Fun stuff – I was managing somebody else’s code so I had a learning curve but it clicked and I was able to resolve the problem they were having.

Tuesday was a buddy of mine’s birthday card at music video bingo.  We ended up tying with the overall first place team which put us 100 points behind them going into the last week of the season (for context, we would typically get 300 or so points in a night).

I also got to have lunch with a number of folks from my former team – it was a 40-year anniversary party and I got to see not just most of my KC-based former team but also a couple of guys I’d worked with from Denver.  That was an absolute blast catching up with them.

I’m also starting to see some good progress with my workouts.  I’m up to a 3.5 mile cardio workout – which should help me survive my 5k next weekend – and I can feel better definition in my arms and chest.  I found the trick – I throw a good novel (The Hunt for Red October currently) on my tablet (an Asus Transformer – an awesome tablet for a reasonable price and read while I’m running.  I’ve gotten to the point where I can keep within 5 beats per minute of my target heart rate the entire workout – quite an improvement from just a few weeks ago when I couldn’t get beyond a 15-minute run before I had to reduce the speed to keep the ol’ heart in line.

A good week – absolutely.  What I’m hoping now is that next week it’s not raining opportunities – it’s raining offers.  But we’ll see.  And regardless of anything I still love interviewing and had a great time meeting the folks I met and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Despite all the goodness, though, I’d trade it in a heartbeat if the friend of mine who found out he has cancer didn’t actually have it.  He’s a good, fun guy – one of my other friends pointed out that everybody’s got a story about him.  But the news late in the week was that the one of the doctors was convinced he could cure it – that’s some great news to be sure.  So if you would continue to keep him in your prayers I’d appreciate it.

And as a final note – I’ve decided in my spare time I’m going to open an apothecary.  Not because I have any skills in it but because I decided I like that word and it’s fun to say.  Apothecary.  Pauly’s Apothecaries.  That’s a winner if I ever heard one.

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