And the Search Goes On

And the search continues...The career search continues.

I’ve had several interviews at various places; all but one went well (and that one was OK, but not as good as I’d have liked).  I’ve also applied for a few contractor positions – I’m a big fan of temp-to-perm hiring approaches, especially since that’s how I got my professional start 17 years ago (as a contractor for a day working for Sprint).

Three of the positions I’ve interviewed for I didn’t get, but the experiences were positive.  On one I made the decision very difficult – which was positive because I had no experience related to that particular job but still got two interviews and was their second choice.

Right now I feel pretty good about four positions – two pricing-, one contracts- and one proposal-related at three different companies.  The interviews went well and the skill sets and experience were a good match; now we see how things progress from there.

I’m continuing to learn things during my search.  I tend to interview pretty well, I enjoy the search but I don’t like the fact that there are a billion different systems for applying for jobs and nobody uses the same one, so every application for a different company can be a long process.  I also realize I enjoy the resume creation process, although not everybody seems to like the way I format my resume (Profile -> Skills/Expertise -> Accomplishments -> Job Titles -> Education).

We shall see – I’m hoping to hear some stuff next week.

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