And The Zombies Walked

This past Friday night was the 2012 Kansas City Spring Zombie Walk for Hunger.  With a record turnout it was a success worthy of any good undead flick you could imagine, and all for a good cause.  The people tell the story – not just the numbers – and with the mix of ages, personalities and creative minds (and “creative” could probably be substituted with “demented”, “disturbed” or “awesome”) the story was good.

In anybody’s book you could qualify it as a success, but let’s run through the checklist just to be sure, shall we?

  • 450 zombies.  Check.
  • Hordes of undead (and a few survivors!) roaming and terrorizing the streets of the Crossroads Art District in downtown Kansas City.  Check.
  • Gallons of blood.  Check.
  • Thousands of pictures of the carnage shot by both professional and amateur photographers.  Check.
  • Undead creatures smiling, texting and taking pictures.  Maybe not quite prescient of what the zombie apocalypse will actually be like, but you have to put a check next to that one anyway because it was a sure sign of people having a great time.
  • And to cap it all off, five minivans full of food to help feed the hungry.  Check.

While watching the living dead shuffle around the streets of downtown is a great time, by all accounts from the more active participants (and by “active” I mean “sporting blood, moaning, seeking brains”) the real fun is in being one of the undead themselves.  The last two walks I was just a photographer/spectator (you can see some of my pictures from last year here on Flickr), although this year I sported a couple of bloody handprints on top of my head.  In the fall, though, I fully expect to don my brainless persona and jump into the fray.  Maybe with a camera, maybe not (just because you’re undead doesn’t mean you have to give up your passion, does it?) – but brain-seeking either way.

A special thanks to Jamie (outgoing leader and Queen of the Zombies) for making the walks huge – and growing – successes.  I’ve only been to a couple, but it’s clear if you talk to the regulars (both old and new) who put on their gore for a couple nights each year that this event wouldn’t have grown to what it was without her leadership.  She will be missed, but she has a good protege in Paige picking up the helm (although I think she prefers a shotgun to a sceptre).

For those of you who lamented having missed this Spring’s walk fear not – the undead rise again this fall (October) for another shamble around Kansas City.  Make sure you “Like” the Kansas City Zombie Walk For Hunger‘s Facebook page to get the details when they’re available!

Here are some pictures from Brad Trump Photography and Lil J Photography – two of the professional photographers risking life and limb amongst the hungry hordes.  I’m working on sorting through mine and doing some clean-up and imaging – with over 1,500 shots taken that night (that’s just the number I took) I’ve got some work ahead of me before I can get my photos here.  In the meantime enjoy some of these shots and use them as inspiration for your costume for the next walk – because you’re going to be there…right?  RIGHT?

I thought so – because nobody can resist partying with zombies.

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