And We’re Back!

This week was the first week of sand volleyball out at Volleyball Beach for the 2015 Spring season.  The weather, while not quite as nice as in years past, was still absolutely spectacular.  With highs in the upper-60s or low-70s through most of the week, only after the sun went down did the temperature get to a point where sand socks became a precious addition to the wardrobe.

This week I got 9 hours in – five of regular league (two on Sunday, three on Thursday) plus another four of subbing (two on Sunday, two on Wednesday).  I couldn’t tell you what our record was, but it doesn’t matter since it was the first week anyway.  The important thing is IT’S BACK … and I’m playing.

It was great to see (almost) all my friends that I’ve missed while we all took a break from sand volleyball over the winter.  I need to make it up to a Thursday to see the rest; I’m certain I’ll figure that out one here pretty quick.

If you haven’t experienced sand volleyball head out to Volleyball Beach and give it a shot – you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

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