Awesome Christmas Card

Since my entire family is scattered to the four corners of the earth (Colleen is in Australia, Peter in Taiwan, Molly in Osawatamie, Logan in Germany, Dad in Derby) we started a new Christmas Eve tradition: Google+ Hangout.

We did that for Dad’s wedding a couple of years ago (Colleen & Peter) and it was pretty neat so we decided to do it on Christmas Eve.   Even with the lag we had (I was on my phone, and a couple don’t have great Internet connections) you could still carry on a conversation pretty effectively.

I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing (all hour and a half) – I was still going Christmas shopping (remember the 90% I had done this weekend?  Yeah, I procrastinated on that last 10% until tonight when nothing was open).  But it was great to see my family (and their families) and have at least a little conversation with them.

But Molly kept asking us if we opened the e-mail she sent us yet.  I had seen it but was on my phone so it wouldn’t load.  So I opened it when I got home and it was a personalized card from the Portable North Pole (  While I’ll dispute the “thing I need to work on” it was an awesome card.  If you haven’t checked out PNP do it – it’s a pretty neat idea.

OK, time to finish playing Munchkin with the kids and then wrap presents.  Then sleep; sweet, sweet sleep…which will undoubtedly be broken at about 5:30am when the kids get up.

Merry Christmas!

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