Back In Season

When I set out to write this post I had to pick a title.  For the sake of all my readers I refrained from selecting “Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful” or something else Christmas-y because a) I’d rather not remind you that as I write this it’s freaking SNOWING, and b) I’m way past the point of using cliches.

OK, number two is a complete lie, but the first one is legit.  And despite the fact that my poor car, which sits idle in my driveway, was covered with a dusting of wet white stuff this morning I’m highly excited.

Because we’re back to beach volleyball season.

Sure, the cold temperature, high wind (pretty sure I saw Dorothy and Toto flying across Martin City last weekend) and precipitation have wreaked some havoc on the schedule.  But it doesn’t matter – it really doesn’t.  Because once March 31st rolled around it was time to kick off the shoes (but maybe don some sand socks), order a bottle of Budweiser and run as fast as you can (without spilling your drink, of course) onto the sand at Volleyball Beach that is the second home to many.

This season I’m temporarily down to two nights – Sunday and Tuesday – while I let my work schedule sort itself out (it’s been 60-80 hour-a-week crazy lately), but you can bet that when the first tournament rolls around (We Dig Sherwood – April 26) those two days at the Beach will have turned into three … and by summer session I’m sure I’ll be back to four or five.

Because here in the Midwest – where Mother Nature thinks it’s funny to give you 80 degrees on Saturday afternoon followed by a snowy 30 degrees Monday morning – the sand volleyball season is limited, and not taking every advantage to play the best sport in the world just isn’t acceptable.

Side note – if you’re not familiar with the May Fire! tournament (May 10th) get familiar with it.  Whether you want to play against some of the best competition you’ll encounter in the Midwest or you just want to watch some of the top players play (or just watch the top looking players, period) that’s exactly where you’ll want to be.  Last year was absolutely incredible, and this year is shaping up to be even better.

It’s back in season – so get yourself in gear and come join us for some fun on the sand!

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