Now that Winter is over (hopefully, anyway) it’s time to think about Spring volleyball (which starts one week from today if you play out at Volleyball Beach).  If you’ve been a couch potato like me while the temperatures dropped outside you want to make sure your body is in good shape for the early season so you don’t put yourself out for the rest of the year with a major injury.

Last post we talked about warm-up and warm-down top prevent shoulder injuries; this week we’re going to briefly cover some tips for improving your insides.

These tips are all courtesy of Volleyball Magazine; specifically their April edition’s Training section.  If you haven’t checked out that site and you play volleyball you’re definitely missing out.  And if you don’t play volleyball how come you’re reading a blog dedicated to beach volleyball?

But I digress.

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Beach volleyball season is just about ready to start here in Kansas City – two weeks until we don our sand socks and step out onto the sand at Volleyball Beach.  I’m excited – it’s been five months since I’ve played a competitive game out on the sand, so I’m very much looking forward to stepping out on the courts and getting my groove back on.  The first week or two is going to hurt, but that’s the price I pay for complete sloth during the off-season.

However, one thing I’m determined to avoid this year is shoulder injuries.  I made a sacrificing dive on the hardwood last year on the first play of the first game of indoor volleyball season (yes, I know it was stupid to lay out on the hardwood) and ended up messing up my shoulder.  After visiting the doc when it wasn’t better after a couple of months he told me to take it easy on it…so I learned how to hit with my left hand.  I’m good now – and determined not to re-injure it.

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Misty May-Treanor may have 41 World Tour gold medals under her belt.  She may have locked up three World Championships.  And she may have a couple of Olympic gold medals hanging around her neck.  But she’s not done yet.

In an interview with Big Lead Sports, Misty mad it clear that while she and her partner for the last decade, Kerri Walsh, may have accomplished everything they can in beach volleyball, they’re not over.  “I wouldn’t say that we are going to London a little more relaxed than before, but we don’t have to go there to prove ourselves.  That said, we still want to set marks that cannot be touched by anyone.”

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It’s over.

After twenty-nine weeks of fun in the sand, the 2011 season of beach volleyball is over for me.

Let’s do the math.  An average of 10 teams per season (ten hours per week) x 3 games per hour x 27 weeks (let’s assume we lost two full weeks to weather).  That’s 810 games of volleyball.  And that doesn’t include the fill-ins or the pick-up games.  Or the tournaments, for that matter – which add another probably 100+ games to that number.

That is a lot of volleyball.

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Somebody is not happy.

Apparently April Ross, who is not going to play in the 2011 AVP Championship today in Huntington Beach, took exception to the AVP suggesting it was because they were “tired”.  Ross, who along with her partner Jen Kessy (the duo that won the tournament a couple of years ago), will not be at the tournament.  Nor, for that matter, will Kerri Walsh, Misty May, Todd Rogers or Phil Dalhausser.

The AVP, which is going through some rather difficult times (shutting the doors last year, some scheduling conflicts and now a significant change to the lineup of players in the Championship) right now, and this would seem to be another potential black-eye.  Or maybe not – it could be as benign as a misunderstanding.

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