It should be illegal.

Not the fact that I keep managing to hurt myself (although that, too), but the absolutely incredible weather we’ve had this week.  When I say “incredible” I mean San Diego-like weather.  upper-70s all day, and even by the 9:00 hour it’s still in the 60s and comfortable.  I brought out my sand socks a couple of times for the later games, but there was absolutely no need for them before then (except, of course, for the fashion statement).

And by “illegal” I mean it needs to stay, at least for another two weeks.

Sunday I ended up not making which was a bummer – was looking forward to some good quads volleyball, and we’re a dang fine team.

Monday I was scheduled to play at 7:15 and 8:15, but since Sammy decided to play chicken with a car while on his bike I spent a good three hours in the ER, followed by a trip to Gates (got to have BBQ, right?).

Tuesday night was fun…but not incredibly good record-wise.  I think we won just one out of six all night long.  But it wasn’t for lack of trying…just lack of success.  Picked up some fun games after the 8:15 rounds.  Mostly 5-on-5.  Great times.

Wednesday night wasn’t much better record-wise.  We took two at 6:15, one at 7:15 but none at 8:15, even though we absolutely were the better team.  We just couldn’t seem to get it clicking.  It was incredibly frustrating, but c’est la vie I suppose.  Picked up a 3-3 match playing with Michelle and Taylor.  It was great except for the fact that I pulled my calf muscle…again.  The same one I managed to pull in the tournament a few weeks ago.

Thursday my calf was feeling better so I played on it.  Not exactly smart.  6:15 I was OK (not incredibly mobile, but mobile enough); 7:15 I played the first game and then sat out the next two because I managed to pull it further – twice.  One was at least on a good save; the other was on a routine play.  Ultimately we won just one at 6:15; lost the other three I played at 6:15 and 7:15.  8:15 was a blast, playing against Steve’s team (Maureen, Steph, Wade, Jo Ann, Aaron and Ty).  We ended up winning all three and having a spectacular time.  My calf was not in great shape but I was able to get up and hit and block a few.  And thanks to Lindsey for playing with us; it was great to meet you and play with you!

I hope this weather holds up for at least another week, and I hope my calf gets better.  I can already tell my body can’t wait for the off-season to rest and recuperate.

Looking forward to the Halloween party out at Volleyball Beach on October 28th – it’s going to be a spectacular time!

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