Camp YOU!

BTW – I have another site called Camp YOU.  It’s relatively new (last month), but I put it together to help folks stop spending money on programs they don’t have any business spending money on.  When I look back I realize I’ve spent close to $20 grand on various “programs” (not including college, incidentally) that were supposed to help me live a better life, make money doing what I enjoy, etc.  You know the hype – those things.  I don’t blame those programs because I really do think they work…for some people.  Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them, but the awesome sales letter or emotional call to action hooked me anyway.

So I brought up Camp YOU to (hopefully) help folks who aren’t in a position to take advantage of those not whip out the ol’ credit card and spend money when they have no business spending money because they won’t benefit like they think they will.  And likewise, hopefully it will encourage folks who can take advantage of programs (including things like college) to do so and get good value.

It’s in its infancy and it’s not incredibly polished yet, but hopefully the end-game is valuable.  There’s also a Facebook page for it and a Twitter account.  Check it out!

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