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Insanity: The First Week

Excuses. Bah.One week in the books and I’m still alive.

Barely, but still alive.

I really did not think my decision to do Insanity at this point in the year through very well, and that’s blatantly clear right now.  I took an Aleve this morning and I’m pretty sure I heard it laugh and say “SERIOUSLY???” as I popped it into my mouth.  I hurt.

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Insanity: Day 1

InsanityInsanity hasn’t killed me yet. I survived the first real day of workouts, although I was winded after doing the stretches (yes, I’m just kidding; I’m not that out of shape…seriously. Quit doubting me like that). Today’s set was plyometric cardio – a lot of core jumping and stuff. We had basketball jump shots, boxing upper-cuts and skiing moves coupled with Heismans, football blocking and a number of others. I made it through the entire 40-ish minute course, although my speed was pretty slow by the end (although I did try to keep the form tight).

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Going Insane

Challenge: accepted.Ouch.

Thus far it’s taken me 13 minutes to type this many words because ouch.

I decided my “let’s do this my way” approach to fitness wasn’t working so I enlisted the help of the Insanity program.  If you’re not familiar with Insanity it’s a 60-day program designed, I think, to attack every single muscle in your body to the point that you’re no longer able to feed yourself, walk or even lift yourself out of bed so you slowly pass away, drowning in your own agony.  I don’t think that’s how they market it but I’m pretty sure that’s the underlying theory behind the program.

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Buck Eighty Seven

I enjoy my barbeque.  Not just making it, but eating it.  Whether it’s the sauce of Gates beef on bun, the sheer size of Arthur Bryant’s beef sandwich with fries or the atmosphere of the original Oklahoma Joe’s (in a gas station…seriously) I’m a sucker for a good brisket or rack of ribs.  Those normally aren’t the problems, though; they’re not exactly the leanest of foods, but I can get through that.  The problem for me comes from my inability not to order – and more importantly pig out on – the french fries that accompany them.  So anytime you see me at a BBQ joint you’re likely to see my face covered in sauce or buried in a plate of negative-nutritional-value Continue reading Buck Eighty Seven