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Running A Business

I love sand socks.

This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has ever seen me out at Volleyball Beach – I’m typically donning one of my many pairs of these awesome clothing inventions to keep my feet safe.  Maybe today is a fluorescent-yellow-AVP sand sock kind of day; maybe it’s one of my three black pairs; or perhaps it’s the right day to put on my hot-pink-breast-cancer-awareness pair.

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When 1-6 Is Goodness

If I told you the Chiefs were 1-6 you’d be upset – that’s a sure record for missing the playoffs…again.  If Billy Butler was 1-6 that would be a slump (and unfortunately both Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain are both hitting worse than that – .160 and .133, respectively – with Eric Hosmer barely above that at .173).  And if I said on a seven question test you only got one answer right I suspect you’d be less than pleased with that result.

It’s hard to look at 1-6 in most sports or situations in life and be happy with it.

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Batting 200

Nothing earth shattering here.  I’m not going to go into baseball (although I was somewhat surprised that the Royals signed Jonathan Broxton; just doesn’t strike me as the first place we need to upgrade our pitching staff, but that’s why I’m not a baseball scout, I suspect).  And I intentionally left the decimal point off the 200, so unless I was getting a base hit 200 times for every at-bat I had that would be an invalid batting average anyway.

I just put this together because – surprisingly enough – I’ve found enough words to occupy 200 posts here at The Paul Gillespie Experience.

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Down 10 pounds in 23 days.  I’ll take that.  I’m almost to my 200 pound goal…which I’ve since extended to 195.  Two months left to hit it.

Oddly enough in my quest to hit 200 pounds I’ve ended up not even exercising beyond my Sunday night volleyball games.  I fell off the run-in-the-morning wagon when the snow happened (not real thrilled with blowing out my knee running on snow/ice) and haven’t gotten back in it since.

But that’s OK – I’ll pick back up the exercise routine in February.

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Minus Five

This is awesome.  I’m sitting here just having finished three cans of coke, two slices of stuffed crust pizza and 10 ounces of yogurt with all sorts of sweets on top of it from Yougurtini.   And it’s all part of my diet.  The diet that I’ve managed to lose five pounds on since – get this – January first, without any sort of supplements or pills or whatever.

And no, you’re right – it’s not all by eating all that stuff above.  Sunday just happens to be my “cheat day” – every Sunday I can eat whatever I want in whatever quantities I want.  It’s designed to reset my body.  Then Monday through Saturday I’m back on the Slow-Carb Diet from Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body.  But as of this morning I’m at 204.6 pounds – down from about 210 when I weighed myself on December 30th.  I’ll take it – considering Continue reading Minus Five

Baby It’s Cold Outside

The cold is coming in waves.  I’m not kidding – I can literally feel the cold washing through the window.  If I hold my hand just above the window sill I can feel the waves of cold air – just like waves of water – rolling over it.

That is so wrong.

And what’s even wronger (not really sure that’s a real word, but let’s just pretend it is for now) is that I’m still running in the mornings.  Most mornings, anyway.  And yes, I’m freezing my Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside