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So I’m sitting here watching the Vikings-Packers game on Sunday Night Football and carving pumpkins with the kids.  I’m also uploading pictures from my collection to my photography site ( and lamenting the fact that I found out too late that Vince Young wasn’t playing today because he is my fantasy football starting quarterback.

Today was a great day.  Got some stuff done around the house (should be on the market next week!), went to the zoo with the kiddos (had an absolute BLAST) and got some stuff done for the business.  Oh, yeah – and got the framework for my costume built.  Continue reading Today!

Kudos In Order

I want to say kudos to Chickenscratch (my awesome long-time sand volleyball team) for our play in the tournament of champions today.  Although we dropped in quarters we did enter the tournament after taking 1st place in the fall season for 7:15 Tuesdays and ended up 2nd seeded after pool play.  It’s always a blast playing with y’all – can’t wait for spring season to roll around.  I’m all about repeating. 🙂

Great job Lisa, Drew, Michele, Mike, Julie, Dean, LeNora and Robb!

Side note – don’t forget to send your e-mail address to Continue reading Kudos In Order

Camp YOU!

BTW – I have another site called Camp YOU.  It’s relatively new (last month), but I put it together to help folks stop spending money on programs they don’t have any business spending money on.  When I look back I realize I’ve spent close to $20 grand on various “programs” (not including college, incidentally) that were supposed to help me live a better life, make money doing what I enjoy, etc.  You know the hype – those things.  I don’t blame those programs because I really do think they work…for some people.  Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them, but the awesome sales letter or emotional call to action hooked me anyway.

So I brought up Camp YOU to (hopefully) help folks who aren’t in a position to take advantage of those not whip out the ol’ credit card and spend money when they have no business spending money because they won’t benefit like they think they will.  And likewise, hopefully it will encourage folks who can take advantage Continue reading Camp YOU!

Leaving It All On The Court

I learned something this weekend at volleyball.

Played in the Engineers Without Borders sand volleyball tournament out at Volleyball Beach yesterday.  I didn’t play with any of my “normal” teams (none of the seven different teams I play on during the week) and instead decided to piece together a team to play, figuring it would be a good time and a chance to have fun without any of the pressures of being “expected” to win (I’m blessed to play on some pretty good teams).  Sara, who’s run the EWB tournament the last couple of years, does a great job so win/lose/draw it’s always a good time.

So I put a request out on Twitter (you can find me there as @PaulGillespie if you’re on Twitter – and if you’re not you should be!) for some teammates.

I did get one response – I’m not sure how many of my 185 followers live in Kansas City – that Continue reading Leaving It All On The Court

I Did It!

It’s all about how you define success.

I have managed to stay away from talking extensively about myself to a public audience for – get this – 70 days. That’s two months, 10 days. Basically since I threw my two cents in on the New Orleans Saints victory in the Super Bowl. Let’s mark that down as success.
Now, granted, I wasn’t actually trying to do that, but it happened anyway, so I’m going to claim it as success. Because that’s the awesome thing – it’s not always about what you determined was success at the outset, but rather what you determine was success in hindsight.