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2013: On Looking Ahead

On Looking Ahead...Last December I decided to try my prognosticating skills and look ahead to what 2012 would bring.  You can click here for that post if you’re curious.

That proved to be a valuable lesson – I now can cross “fortune teller” off my list of career options.  Or, more appropriately, I can cross “good fortune teller” off that list.  Although I did several of my targeted items to one degree or another I certainly did not meet the spirit of what I would consider “success” for that list.

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2012: Looking Ahead

2011 was a bittersweet year.  We’ll save the retrospect for another post, though, because we’re going to look forward to 2012 – either an awesome year or an absolutely disastrous one, depending on your perspective.

Me – I’m going with the former.  Although it’s not likely to be all roses, I have no doubt that looking back on the year will reveal that twenty-twelve was a great year.  Here’s why:

No, my crystal ball isn’t out of the repair shop yet but I don’t need one to know that the next 366 days will be good – I will make them good.  And if I don’t I hope you take the opportunity to publicly humiliate me for it.

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Not So Novel

Yes, another pun.  Another completely intended one at that: two in a week.

On the same topic, no less.

And yet, despite all my literary creativity in coming up with completely useless (and yet amusing) titles for entries on The Paul Gillespie Experience I have yet to write anything of substance in my novel.  Sure, I have some words on the paper, but if you gave ten monkeys a typewriter I suspect they’d have come up with more intelligible writing than I have by now.

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I like to think I’m good at anything I put my mind to doing. 

I started in a business analysis role 15 years ago without knowing what Excel was.  But I needed to know how to use it for my business case analysis and so I learned it (and now bend it to my will daily).

When I started doing financial analysis of opportunities I didn’t know what a contribution margin was, how to calculate NPV or what IRR had to do with the price of tea in China.  But I needed to know all that so I learned it (and now manage business decisions valued at millions of dollars).

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Paul Gillespie, unplugged

I just launched another blog: Paul Gillespie, unplugged.  It isn’t a typical blog where you’ll find all manner of stuff (like you do on The Paul Gillespie Experience, one step from freedom, or Gettin’ Sandy), but instead has one purpose: accountability.

Basically I figured out that I make a pretty bad accountability partner for myself.  I do well keeping others accountable, but I can fool myself way too easily to keep myself on track.  So, instead of continuing to flounder I decided to bare it all (metaphorically speaking; I’m not planning on going nudist any time soon) and put it out on the web for anyone to see.

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