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And the stars aligned.  Or the planets, at least.This week was awesome, Sunday excepted.

Although I got turned down for the job I interviewed for on Monday (which is fine – it was a long-shot and well outside my core expertise) I had an excellent interview on Tuesday and two great ones today (the second being absolutely spectacular – a relaxed, almost conversational interview with two executives; much like the one I had back in December for the gig I turned down).  I also have one on Monday and probably another one Tuesday, followed by a Continue reading Alignment

It Strikes Again

Cure CancerI found out on Sunday night that a buddy of mine was diagnosed with cancer.

Now, on the positive side of that coin the diagnosis was just an initial one and he’s headed for a second opinion at a medical center that’s better known for things like that, so it could very well be a missed diagnosis initially and it’s really something much less serious and easier to take care of.

But either way that’s some Continue reading It Strikes Again

Wish Me Luck

I’ve got another interview Monday.  I’ve had a couple so far and a number of informal conversations around a handful of other opportunities.  I’ve done more thinking about my career and revisiting what I’ve done in the last month than I have in the last ten years – something I would not encourage anyone to do (keep things updated and fresh – that’s my advice that you didn’t ask for but will thank me for later, Continue reading Wish Me Luck

On Accepting Risk

Nobody is immune from risk.

As I start writing this I’m sitting here listening to the Home Run Derby, enjoying the fact that although Carlos Beltran has gone to the dark side (the St. Louis Cardinals) he was once a hometown hero (Kansas City Royals!) and is currently second in the derby with seven home runs.  My sitting here blogging/listening carries some risk with it.  If you want to go to the extreme the Starbucks I’m sitting at could be Ground Zero for the impending zombie apocalypse which would be a really big downside that would probably outweigh the awesome coffee I’m sipping on right now.  [probably, but not necessarily; the blonde roast is pretty dang good here and may be worth turning into a flesh-eating zombie for]  On a more likely risk scenario I could Continue reading On Accepting Risk


I have an aversion.

It’s a pretty strong aversion, actually, and it does a good job of ruining my day somedays.

I hate letting things get broken.

Not necessarily physically, although I’m a huge fan of not getting my (or pretty much anyone else’s) bones broken.

I’m speaking more of things that I can (somewhat) control.  If I have the power to prevent something from breaking, I’ll usually go to great lengths to keep it whole.  And, unfortunately, while that often leads to short-term success it tends to lead to long-term “WTF DID YOU DO???”.

Continue reading Broken