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Holidays, Sobered

The holidays used to be days of pure happiness.  And while they still have happiness in them – there’s nothing like watching the kids tear through their Christmas presents and their eyes light up when something particularly exciting appears from under the wrapping paper – there’s also a sadness that accompanies the days around Christmas and New Year’s now.

The world lost another good soul on December 28th – my cousin, Jerry.  Jerry was riding his motorcycle when a car turned on to the street right in front of him.  Although he was wearing a helmet he didn’t survive the crash.

I don’t understand it.

Death here on the earth awaits us all; the only question is when.  I get that.

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The Scourge

I was browsing my Google+ feed earlier today while I had a few minutes and I ran across this post by Leo Babuata where he discusses the scourge of the Internet – basically the tons of things websites and bloggers do that are incredibly “anti-reader”.

Guess what?  I do some of those.

But the question is – should I worry?  Does having a box at the top right where you can put in your e-mail address bother you?  Does having a sidebar (that’s the thing on the right) that shows you popular and random posts here on The Paul Gillespie Experience give you concern?

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Not So Novel

Yes, another pun.  Another completely intended one at that: two in a week.

On the same topic, no less.

And yet, despite all my literary creativity in coming up with completely useless (and yet amusing) titles for entries on The Paul Gillespie Experience I have yet to write anything of substance in my novel.  Sure, I have some words on the paper, but if you gave ten monkeys a typewriter I suspect they’d have come up with more intelligible writing than I have by now.

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I like to think I’m good at anything I put my mind to doing. 

I started in a business analysis role 15 years ago without knowing what Excel was.  But I needed to know how to use it for my business case analysis and so I learned it (and now bend it to my will daily).

When I started doing financial analysis of opportunities I didn’t know what a contribution margin was, how to calculate NPV or what IRR had to do with the price of tea in China.  But I needed to know all that so I learned it (and now manage business decisions valued at millions of dollars).

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On the plus side, Chuck will be around for a fifth season.  That was good news, because there was a lot of question about whether it would survive.  NBC announced that they’re renewing it for a fifth – and final – season…but only with 13 episodes.  By comparison, the fourth season had 24 episodes in it.

NBC execs did say they’d consider expanding that number if they got another 10 million viewers for the show.  That’s going to be a challenge considering they moved the show to Fridays at 7pm.  But, in the famous words of Lloyd Christmas (from “Dumb and Dumber”):  Continue reading Chuck!

Paul Gillespie, ISO

I’m starting a public “in search of” list.

Think of it as my list of things to do/see/get.  I’m actually starting it in the hopes that I can leverage the combined expertise of others – (that would be YOU) – who know me or at least have some good ideas.

And I’m hoping that, in addition to getting some help on the best solutions for what I’m in search of you’ll also throw out some ideas that I might have missed.

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I’ll Have What She’s Having

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

That is one of the most famous lines in movie history – maybe on par with “Here’s looking at you, kid“, “Talk to me, Goose” and “I’ll be back“.  If you don’t remember where it’s from, picture a small diner/restaurant with Billy Crystal (Harry)  sitting across from Meg Ryan (Sally).  Sound familiar yet?  If not, then the fact that Sally is showing Harry that women can fake orgasms should probably finish this off for you: the movie is “When Harry Met Sally” and the line comes from one of the older women patrons of the restaurant (all of whom are looking at Sally) when Sally is done.

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