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I love Billy Joel.

Not like Christy Brinkley loved him, btw.  It’s love in the “has there seriously ever been any songwriter as good as him” kind of way.  It hearkens me back to “the days”.  Now, to be fair I’m not that old, so it’s not like I have a tremendous amount of musical lyric experience to fall back on.  But regardless, in my short but intense journey here Billy Joel has to take the cake.

So what made me hit this topic on a (comparatively) sweltering day in Kansas City?  I was at Dunn Bros working on my Project Mojave stuff when Billy Joel’s “Honesty” came over the speakers.  “Honesty is such a lonely word / Everyone is so untrue” I just couldn’t help myself, I started lip syncing the words.  And then I thought of all the other great songs he’s written.  Songs like “Captain Jack”, “The Entertainer”, “Piano Man”, “Goodnight Saigon”, You’re Only Human”.  Too many good songs to name.

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I’m stalling.

I’m not sure why, really.  I’m excited about what I’m doing (writing a book; part of Project Mojave) while I’m sitting in Borders sipping a Gingerbread latte.  Or, more appropriately, that’s what I should be doing (the book, not the latte.  Definitely shouldn’t be doing the latte).

But my brain has been so distracted all day; I can’t seem to calm it down.  It’s racing a million miles an hour.  Kinda the definition of “scatterbrained”.  And I’m not sure why.

Work:  Kinda stressful, just like it always is these days.

Home:  Good, although John is sick (just general allergy/sick, not swine flu sick).
School:  WTF?  No school, except working on my doctorate in Life.
Freedom Business:  Coming along just fine, thank you.  Should have a good draft done by the end of the week.

So…nothing’s really different, but I’m still having trouble concentrating.  And not “Paul, you’re freaking ADD to the tenth power, just admit it” trouble concentrating.  Just general trouble concentrating.

And, in true passive-aggressive form I decided that rather than tackle the problem head-on I’d stall.  I’d check Twitter, Facebook, GMail, etc.  Pretty much anything but try and figure out why I can’t seem to concentrate.  Oh, yeah – and I’d blog about, basically, nothing.  Grand idea.

OK, enough for now.  I’m going to chalk it up to a cold, wet Tuesday and call it good.  Back to my book.  Here’s to building success.

And not stalling.


Time flies when you’re having fun.

I am having so much fun I can barely stand myself.  OK, no smart remarks around your ability to stand me, either, for those loyal readers who know me.  You love me and you know it, just admit it and we’ll all be that much happier.

Seriously, though, if the axiom “time flies when you’re having fun” applies, then by that right I’m having a downright ball.  Because I had no idea that three+ months had passed since I last posted (about the damn Yankees, I believe).  And a lot of stuff has happened since June 21st.  Allow me to recap:

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I’m going to do the same thing I do in bed dancing here:  Apologize up-front for my shortcomings for the next 37 seconds hundred or so blog entries.

Please accept this following statement as a perpetual apology for not knowing how the heck to manage yonder blog.  Specifically as it relates to things like making all comments open immediately.  Apparently I have to approve each comment separately or something like that.  You have my word – unless you’re spamming this blog (and considering it has all of one reader I really hope you’ve got better things to do…but then again if you’re spamming you probably don’t) I will not censor/edit your comments.

It’s not that I don’t care to figure out how to open comments up.  I’ve looked, and didn’t have success with my 5-minute search.  And besides – I have a ton of more important things to do at the moment.  Like work my day job.  Write blog entries.  Or grow boobs that jiggle like a bowl full of jelly.

So please forgive me infinity times.

It All Starts With An Inferiority Complex

I have an inferiority complex.

It’s not your traditional Napoleon complex (I’m 6’3″ for heaven’s sake, so unless I’m in Norway I’m considered “tall”). It’s not some deep-seated puer inferiority complex. And no – it’s not a sexual inferiority complex so let’s not go there (yes, I probably just alienated half my potential blogging base by using the word “sex” in a blog post. One heck of a way to start, eh?). No, it’s just your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill inferiority complex.

But give me some credit – I’m big enough of a blogger person to admit it. Yes, I have a problem.

Or, more appropriately, I had a problem.

I love speaking in the past tense because I took above-referenced inferiority complex and attacked it head-on. And what’s even better is that I came out ahead. In this case I was the windshield, not the bug. And it feels spectacular. Awesome. Groovy.

Let me tell you what happened.

I joined this GREAT group of folks in Project Mojave. I actually joined about six weeks ago, and it has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s Clay Collins gig (ever heard of “Finance Your Freedom“? Same Clay), but 10 to 1 if you ask him he’ll tell you it’s really our gig that he’s just moderating, and it’s a booming community at the moment. Check it out if you get the chance; it’s well worth it.

I digress… So Project Mojave‘s got this spectacular set of faculty members lined up: Johnny B Truant, Laura Roeder, Dave Navarro, Michael Martine, Jonathan Mead and, of course, Clay. Folks who don’t just talk, but actually do something. Top of their fields. The real deals. They’re the ones teaching us.

But that’s not why I have an inferiority complex. Sure – they’ve done more in a 30-minute podcast than I’ve probably done in the last year…but hey – that’s what they’re good at. I’m good at other things. Like…watching Royals baseball. And drinking beer. At the same time.

No, my inferiority complex is actually related to my peers in the group (and yes, I’m using the word “peer” very loosely…because I clearly don’t belong in that group of brains; I feel more like the court jester. But I love it!). I was perusing the forums, checking out some of the newer members and it struck me that it seemed like every single person on the list had a website listed. Some have thriving on-line businesses. Some had robust Google pages about themselves. Some had a vanity domain for their name. And me? I had…nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Except: an inferiority complex.

I mean – I’m a technological kinda guy. Sure, my profession is really in Finance (Pricing, to be exact). But I can make Excel bend to my will. I’ve built servers from scratch. I get along well with anything that has a screen and current running through it. But despite 25 years of working with computers and 17 years working on that thing called “The Internet” I didn’t even have the inklings of an online presence.

So I changed that. Project Mojave is all about action. About getting from zero to a Freedom Business in three months. And so, on top of all the other stuff going on there (check it out and see: click here) I realized that part of PM (as we affectionately call it) is life lessons. So, rather than just stay content with my “problem” of an inferiority complex I did something about it.

I went from zero to a blog in about 20 minutes. is mine. My domain. My corner of real estate in the vast morass of 1s and 0s we all call home these days. This is my blog. This is my life.

So you can follow me on Twitter, you can check me out on Google Profiles. And now, you can find me here. Every week.

Sans, of course, my inferiority complex.