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I Still Have The Best Friends

I have some of both...Just in case there was any question – I still have the best friends in the world.  There is no one else I’d rather surround myself with than the people I get to call friends.  They’re funny, witty, helpful, smart, entertaining, amusing and fun.  Whether it’s hanging out late to play some pick-up beach volleyball,listening to me vent about whatever in life happens to have me down or helping me track down something vital in short order my friends are some of the best you’ll find on God’s green Earth.

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First #FAIL

Epic #FAILOK, maybe not quite as bad as the #FAIL on the left (only from Microsoft…), but one nonetheless.  This morning, for the first time in 3+ weeks, I did not complete every exercise of every set of my Insanity workout.

Up to this point I’ve been doing pretty well.  I haven’t had the consistent speed of exercises and I tend to take longer breaks than the others but I’ve managed to at least do a material number of every single exercise in every single set up to this point, trying to keep the proper form on each one.

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Being Supportive By Having Fun

MineEvery day we’re bombarded with requests to support charitable organizations.  Some are local, some are national; some are to help children, some are to help adults, some are to help animals; some are driven by a medical situation, some by a natural event, some by the simple fact that life sometimes throws you a curve when you’re expecting a slider.

You may feel obligated to support one or more of these causes – that’s 100% your business and whether or not you do we don’t judge here at The Paul Gillespie Experience (if we did Continue reading Being Supportive By Having Fun

Worthy Goals

Goal: Achieved.Yesterday was one of those awesome days.

You know the kind I’m talking about – the ones that you wish you could just hit the “repeat” button on and do all over again.  If you don’t know the kind I’m talking about then get out and live a little – life’s too short not to have those kind of days.

This weekend was chock full of goodness on the calendar.  Thursday night was the Chiefs draft party; Friday night was scheduled to be the First Annual South Kansas City Beer Mile; Saturday combined the Warrior Dash (morning) with the “We Dig Sherwood” sand volleyball tournament at Volleyball Beach (afternoon); Sunday caps the weekend with at least six hours of volleyball (a challenge match followed by five hours of league play…and with the weather cooperating maybe a late night of batting the ball around).

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Check!It was a good week.

No, it was a great week.

My first week in my new job was spectacular.  I’ve got a great boss, I’m surrounded by a very diverse team and I love what I do.  That’s a trifecta in my book.  Plus I’m back on the Sprint campus and within a short walk from two excellent cafeterias, a convenience store and a Sprint PCS store.  And Sprint happens to believe in investing in technology to make people more productive; something I haven’t always been party to in prior roles.

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Snow Longer Fun

Snow covered trees are great if the snow stays on them.I used to love snow.

Putting together snow forts, creating sledding paths and starting a snowball fight are all fun things to do, and when I was a kid I was all over that.  Plus a snow day meant no school, no homework (unless I “forgot” to do it the night before) and no desire to stay inside.

Even after I donned the cap and gown and graduated I still loved snow.  Driving around in it can be an adventure, and I’m all about the adventure.  Whether it was in my six-cylinder, rear-wheel drive Mustang (no Continue reading Snow Longer Fun