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I like being employedI’m employed, again.

Starting Monday I’m doing contract analysis work at Sprint.  I can’t wait – not just because my bank account will be happier when its balance goes up instead of down, but because I honestly enjoy working and this gig is one I have very little doubt I’m going to like.

I will miss hanging out at Homer’s during the day (which is where I did the vast majority of my freelance work) but it will be good to Continue reading Employed


And the stars aligned.  Or the planets, at least.This week was awesome, Sunday excepted.

Although I got turned down for the job I interviewed for on Monday (which is fine – it was a long-shot and well outside my core expertise) I had an excellent interview on Tuesday and two great ones today (the second being absolutely spectacular – a relaxed, almost conversational interview with two executives; much like the one I had back in December for the gig I turned down).  I also have one on Monday and probably another one Tuesday, followed by a Continue reading Alignment

The Slump

Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from 10 feet.Sometimes things just fall apart.

Life is going grand and then the pitcher throws you a knuckler that dances like Fred Astaire and you swing right through it.  Suddenly the 12-game hit streak you were on means nothing and you’re in the midst of a 1-23 slump, floundering below the Mendoza Line and praying for a pulled hammy so you can have an excuse for riding the bench for 15 games while you figure out what part of “and then you hit the ball” you’re failing at.

Yes – I’m going Continue reading The Slump

Fifteen Things We Won’t Miss About 2012

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! The Chive did a review of 2012 and presented the top fifteen things we won’t miss about 2012.  You can find that post here (don’t worry – it’s safe for work).

How in the world Gangnam Style ended up #1 on the list I don’t know – especially when you look at all the ones that were below it (like, say, #15 or #4).  Don’t get me wrong – it’s gotten it’s share of airtime (and then some), Continue reading Fifteen Things We Won’t Miss About 2012

Thank you.

Just wanted to drop a post in and say THANK YOU:

To my awesome team at work – y’all (yes, I used “y’all”) are the reason we’re successful.

To my volleyball teams – I love playing with all of you and am glad you’ll let me keep taking the sand with you.

To the rest of John Denver’s Flight Manual (and all the Tuesday peeps @ Coaches) – you make my early week something to look forward to.

To my family for Continue reading Thank you.

Free Fallin’

In fifty-one days I’m channeling Tom Petty.

I officially put my resignation in – my last day at CenturyLink is December 31st.

It feels like the end of an era – almost seventeen years since I first set foot in the building at 7500 W. 110th Street as a temporary administrative assistant for Sprint and nearly sixteen years since Paul Kutz hired me full time as an analyst in the Public Access organization.

It was Continue reading Free Fallin’