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When 1-6 Is Goodness

If I told you the Chiefs were 1-6 you’d be upset – that’s a sure record for missing the playoffs…again.  If Billy Butler was 1-6 that would be a slump (and unfortunately both Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain are both hitting worse than that – .160 and .133, respectively – with Eric Hosmer barely above that at .173).  And if I said on a seven question test you only got one answer right I suspect you’d be less than pleased with that result.

It’s hard to look at 1-6 in most sports or situations in life and be happy with it.

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Why I Fly Southwest

Here’s the punchline:  because they’re awesome.

Now you don’t have to read the rest of the blog post if you don’t want to.  Yes, I’m just that kind of guy.  You’re welcome.

Seriously, though, Southwest Airlines is the king among airlines.  Unless you routinely fly first class, anyway.  Or your own private plane.  Or a chartered jet.  But for the other 98.48292% of us (we’re not the 99%, but we’re pretty dang close) Southwest is the ideal airline to fly.

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Rock on, Apple.

One thing I forgot to include in my Week In Review for last week was an update on my computer situation (short: computer stopped working the day of Dad’s inauguration, took it to Apple store, they had to send it in). Truth be told I miss a lot of things in my updates, but I felt compelled to mention this one, in particular, as part of my ongoing effort to call out good service or horrible service.

This one falls into the former category.

Nobody wants to have a computer issue that they can’t fix. I’m squarely in that category, especially since I grew up fixing computers for a hobby (yes, I was am a nerd; maybe that’s why I relate so well to Chuck). So when my laptop’s screen wouldn’t show up last Saturday (it would turn “light black – indicating it was getting juice – but wouldn’t display anything) I didn’t freak out. I tried a few tricks (open/close the lid, reboot), then consulted The Google (which is kind of like The Collective, only more powerful). A couple of hints there about booting in to safe mode, but nothing.

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