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Keeping a Sense of Humor

If there’s one thing everybody who knows me will tell you it’s that you can (almost) always find a smile on my face.  The circumstances are generally irrelevant – I like to smile and so I continue to do it.  A lot of it is just that I’m a fan of smiling (I think it makes everything look, feel and seem better) but generally it’s just the way of life I’ve adopted – I’m Continue reading Keeping a Sense of Humor

You’re Surrounded

Who are you surrounded by?Society is awesome.

If we’re all honest with ourselves we need human interaction.  Even the anti-social among us (I claim that status occasionally) need what society brings to us to not just survive but thrive.

Being in a symbiotic relationship (shout out to my buddy Josh for that term) with all those around you can be one of the best things in the world.  When you’re surrounded by friends you get to learn from them, commiserate with them and share in all of life’s ups and downs.  When you walk away from time with one of those people you feel Continue reading You’re Surrounded

We’ll Miss You, Zig

Zig Ziglar died last week.

Very few people I’ve talked to don’t know who he was – even if you didn’t subscribe to his approach to life chances are you could recognize one of his famous quotes or books.  If you don’t know who Zig was check out this link or his web site.

In honor of his memory Forbes put together a “top ten” of his quotes that can change your life; I figured I’d take my favorite five and put The Paul Gillespie Experience commentary on them.  There’s not a whole lot that needs to be added to his quotes – he Continue reading We’ll Miss You, Zig

Inspired, Again

I’m a sucker for a good inspirational picture.  These are all courtesy of – if you haven’t checked out that site but enjoy things like this make sure you do.

You can also find some of my favorites by checking out the “Inspiration” category of posts here at The Paul Gillespie Experience (click here, or find the category on the right).


Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Whether it’s Jim Rohn (motivational guy), Chuck Palahniuk (author) or George Carlin (if you don’t know who he is you’re either 10 years old or living under a rock) I can never get enough of the truly inspirational quotes.

I’m not talking about the catchphrases that come and go every couple of months; those really don’t count.  They’re temporary and are designed to catch attention, not inspire.

I’m talking about the really inspirational quotes you hear from known and unknown people alike, like Continue reading Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

When It All Goes Wrong

My life is, frankly, awesome.  Maybe not Barney Stinson legen-dary (I don’t suit up, I haven’t licked the Liberty Bell and I’m not an international businessman), but awesome nonetheless.

(and side note – I have no desire to be Barney, but he’s got to be one of the funniest and awesome characters on television today now that Chuck isn’t on the air any longer)

And having an awesome life is, well, awesome.

Even when it all goes wrong (or starts to go wrong) Continue reading When It All Goes Wrong

No Picture, Just Words

I love a good, catchy phrase with a beautiful picture associated with it.  The inspirational quote attached to the picture of snow-capped mountains; the words “just live” overlaid on an image of kids swinging; a mission statement plastered above a gorgeous sunrise.  Anything combination that lends itself to amplifying the message is goodness in my book (assuming, of course, the message was good to start with).

But sometimes you don’t even need the picture to make it powerful – maybe an image would actually take away from it.  Sometimes the words conjure up your own set of images to go with them or they just reach straight into your soul.

Continue reading No Picture, Just Words