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On Learning

Some of you know that I teach two courses to high school students: public speaking and computers.  Those two particular topics are favorites of mine – I love to speak in public, and I’m on a computer 25 hours a day because I enjoy what they represent and what they can do.

Today we walked through a couple of videos in my public speaking class to get a feel for different styles.  We walked through an introduction speech, an informative speech and a persuasive speech given by college students.  We watched a TED Talk on living small.  And we listened to Steve Jobs give his 2005 commencement address at Stanford.

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Just Here

It’s Tuesday.

I should be playing some beach volleyball out at Volleyball Beach but I’m not – I strained my calf on Saturday and my doc (who is awesome) said I was done with volleyball for a while (which I took to mean “until next Saturday”).  So instead I spent some time catching up on stuff at the office and then hit Starbucks for a Misto (decaf) and some Chive’n.  And The Chive led me to i can read where I’ve gone through something like sixty pages of awesome inspirational (and some not quite so much…more along the lines of “so not inspirational”) quotes.

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Being Motivated

I love The Chive.

I love it so much I’m sure people think somehow I’m financially-linked to how many hits they get.  Not so – it’s just such an awesome site that I can’t help but love it.  And so I write about it.

So on Tuesday I was cruising through it and I ran across a post entitled “A little inspiration goes a long way“.  Now, normally when I see a title like that I expect something along the lines of, say, this motivational poster.

But not Tuesday.

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On Making It A Good Week

As I’m sitting here working on the kids’ netbook (rootkits and viruses and malware, oh my!) I’ve come to a decision that’s going to have a profound impact on the next seven days or so.  What is that decision, you might ask?  What kind of important decision is made at around 11 at night?

I’m going to make it a good week.

Because there have been way too many questionable weeks in the past few months.  And, frankly, because I can.

That is all.


(post image courtesy of The Chive)

Leaving It All On The Court

I learned something this weekend at volleyball.

Played in the Engineers Without Borders sand volleyball tournament out at Volleyball Beach yesterday.  I didn’t play with any of my “normal” teams (none of the seven different teams I play on during the week) and instead decided to piece together a team to play, figuring it would be a good time and a chance to have fun without any of the pressures of being “expected” to win (I’m blessed to play on some pretty good teams).  Sara, who’s run the EWB tournament the last couple of years, does a great job so win/lose/draw it’s always a good time.

So I put a request out on Twitter (you can find me there as @PaulGillespie if you’re on Twitter – and if you’re not you should be!) for some teammates.

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I’ll Have What She’s Having

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

That is one of the most famous lines in movie history – maybe on par with “Here’s looking at you, kid“, “Talk to me, Goose” and “I’ll be back“.  If you don’t remember where it’s from, picture a small diner/restaurant with Billy Crystal (Harry)  sitting across from Meg Ryan (Sally).  Sound familiar yet?  If not, then the fact that Sally is showing Harry that women can fake orgasms should probably finish this off for you: the movie is “When Harry Met Sally” and the line comes from one of the older women patrons of the restaurant (all of whom are looking at Sally) when Sally is done.

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