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So I’m sitting here at Starbucks (off State Line), writing this post because I needed a break from what I was doing.  What I was doing was (hopefully) finishing the conceptual content for the card game I created.  It’s a lot more work than I expected it was going to be, and I’ve spend several hours in the conceptual stage fleshing it out (the gameplay, the cards, the specs, etc.).

Now it’s on to Continue reading Tradeoffs

Awesome Christmas Card

Since my entire family is scattered to the four corners of the earth (Colleen is in Australia, Peter in Taiwan, Molly in Osawatamie, Logan in Germany, Dad in Derby) we started a new Christmas Eve tradition: Google+ Hangout.

We did that for Dad’s wedding a couple of years ago (Colleen & Peter) and it was pretty neat so we decided to do it on Christmas Eve.   Even with Continue reading Awesome Christmas Card