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I want to be like Chuck.

Not because his girlfriend is incredibly hot and can throw a knife and shoot bad guys like Dirty Harry in stilettos.  OK, maybe that, too.  But mostly because he’s awesome.  He lives in California, he can disarm a bomb and (the main reason I’m talking about Chuck on my own personal blog) he always seems to have the right answer.  Him or someone else on Team Bartowski.  (or maybe it’s just Sarah)

Actually Chuck has been my hero since I started watching in early on in Season Two.  OK, not really “hero” in the traditional sense of the word – the men and women who lay their lives down to protect me and you are really my heroes – they lay it on the line to protect people like us who most of them don’t even know.  But Chuck fills the void of someone I can so see myself in that helps me realize there’s more to life than status quo if I’m willing to stop limiting myself to what (I think) I know is real.

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Please welcome: the President of the United States.

I just had this awesome realization: I could be president.  Today.  Actually last year, technically, but either way – right now it’s not out of the realm of possibility that I could be the President of the United States of America.  I’m a United States citizen.  I haven’t committed a felony (that I can remember, anyway – there were a couple of nights I don’t remember stuff from the tequila, but that’s a totally different story for a totally different blog entry).  And I’m 35 years old.

Don’t ask me why this thought popped into my head, but it did.  I’m reading “The Sum of All Fears” by Tom Clancy (one of the few books of his that I haven’t read 3+ times) and something in the President’s comments about something he did made me realize that I could, legitimately, be the next POTUS.

On the minus side of the Pauly – 2012 campaign:

  • I lack the political savvy.  I am not good at compromise.  If it’s not the best long-term decision for my family, my friends, my team or me (in that order) then I’m not really good at accepting it.  I’m sure I’ve lost a number of wars because of this gap in my skills portfolio.
  • I kind of enjoy my privacy.  Sure, I have no doubt POTUS does get some effective (if not technical) private time, but any figure in the public service like that is going to be subject to so much scrutiny that, frankly, I don’t care to have put out there.  Not so much for what it means to me, but more importantly what impact is has on the kids.
  • I don’t like the limelight.  I do enjoy public speaking.  If you give me a little bit of time, a topic and some resources to prepare (even if it’s just my iPhone) I can stand up and talk to just about anyone.  Because I enjoy that – the challenge and the delivery of good information to people who are looking for it.  But when it comes to ideas – I would rather someone else get the credit.  All I want to see is that the good ideas get implemented.

On the plus side of my presidential run:

  • I can bridge gaps.  You want to talk about bridging the gap between the two parties – I can do that.  I think the American people are tired of the truly nasty “shark-in-the-water” approach to life of tearing the other party down.  Are there a few people in the government who I believe are just in it for themselves?  No doubt.  But on the whole, do I really believe that the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents (and any others I may have missed) are at odds with each other on the true end goal?  No way.  Do they differ on the how to get there?  Sure they do – hence the strife.  But can that be overcome?  Surely.
  • I can solve a lot of our problems.  Is that cocky?  Maybe it is, but when it all comes down to the basics a lot of our problems have simple answers to them.  We don’t need to build ourselves a huge house of cards full of complexity to keep this country great.  I’m a huge fan in the simplicity of life.  I’ve built many complex systems in my life.  They’re at best OK when you’re the only one involved.  But add in one other person to the mix and they become cumbersome.  Remove yourself from it and they’re a nightmare.  If I can bridge gaps I can solve our problems.
  • I care.  While I can appreciate the difficult challenges that POTUS has to make – some life and death for people – you can’t be in that role without caring not just about people but about the country.  Screw the rhetoric – I mean really caring.  Caring that people are out of work.  Caring that child pornographers are loose.  Caring that people are good at finding loopholes in the laws and doing things that they know are wrong.  Caring that the freaking tax code practically requires a PhD to understand.  And I do.  I see America slipping out of relevance, and I’m not OK with that.  As a country we’re not willing to make a move that could be “politically damaging”, suggesting that our longevity in the House/Senate/whatever will yield more good than the good we’ve turned a blind eye to to win a few more votes.  Two words for you: BULL and <you fill in the word of choice here>.

OK, I’m probably not cut out for being President of the United States.  Good thing I don’t have that ambition, anyway. *grin*  Unfortunately for the country I think you’ll find that the leaders this country needs – the ones who can truly make the United States of America the best country ever – are the people who have no appetite to deal with the politics of the job.  So we end up with people in the seats of power who aren’t the best for the job, but they’re the best available.  I guess that’s politics, eh?

So is it time to change?

Maybe I’ll see you in January, 2013 with that answer.


Fair warning:  I’m drinking tea (sweet tea to be precise) and it’s 11:38pm.

And as such, I’m not entirely sure that you’re going to
read a coherent, structured blog post below.  I don’t even know how tonight is going to go, blog or otherwise.  But that’s OK – because
sometimes that’s how I am, and if you really want the Paul Gillespie
Experience that’s how it works.  So read on.

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