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Let the Excuses Begin

Yeah - I'm going to go ahead and go this way instead.I haven’t listened to sports radio, ESPN or seen/heard any recap of the Chiefs game from anyone else aside from the friends who were at the same watch party but I’m pretty sure I can tell you what’s being said.  The Chiefs still don’t seem to have the level of respect that other, less talented (and fewer-win) teams do for some reason.  I’ve heard the commentary all year long to date and I can almost parrot back every comment made about backup quarterbacks, weak teams and no injuries.

So let me attempt to play Carnak the Magnificent and tell you what Continue reading Let the Excuses Begin

No Panicking Allowed


I hear way too much of the whole “panic” thing these days, especially from certain friends who, inexplicably, call themselves “Broncos fans” (you know who you are…). Now, to be fair, I recognize that you have to treat Broncos fans differently than everyone else – they’re “special” – but even so I’d expect them to grasp that the Chiefs season is not over, nor is it even remotely in dire straits (“Sultans of Swing”, anyone?).

Let’s recap and take a look at where we’re at. The Red and Gold started off the season with nine straight wins. That puts them at a 9-0 record for those of you who have trouble with math (like, say, the aforementioned friends – love you guys). History is on their side in terms of making the playoffs from there; no team has ever Continue reading No Panicking Allowed

What A Pair

I considered calling this post “A Tale of Two Cities” but that just didn’t seem nearly as entertaining as the choice I ended up with.  Inappropriate?  Maybe – but c’est la vie, my friends.  Welcome to The Paul Gillespie Experience.

Back to the topic at hand.

The Kansas City Chiefs have had quite the last two weeks.  First was two Sundays ago in Denver against the much-hated Donkeys Broncos.  In what promised to be a stellar matchup the #1 offense collided with the #1 defense.  Unfortunately for the Chiefs they couldn’t put enough offensive firepower together to overcome Denver’s 27 points and they fell – their first loss of the season – with a final 27-17 score.

If there ever was a Continue reading What A Pair

Going Irish

My seats.20+ hours in the car, 2 inches of snow and pretty much no sleep.  Add it up and what do you have?  An absolutely awesome weekend.

A buddy of mine had an extra ticket to the BYU-Notre Dame game up in South Bend.  It took me all of 0.2 seconds from the time I got the invitation until I said “hell yes” – and the delay was actually processing the words.

The four of us packed my HHR and piled into it on Friday morning, hopped on 435 north and drove.

And drove.

And drove.

Aside from Continue reading Going Irish

Chiefs. Broncos. Tonight.

T-minus 9 hours, 23 minutes.

At approximately 7:30pm this evening the Broncos will host the Chiefs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado with first place in the AFC West on the line.  There will be a gigantic crowd there and every single fan of professional football who’s not driving, on an airplane or otherwise unable to watch the game will have their eyes on NBC since the NFL flexed the game to Sunday night from a 3:25 start originally.

Let me give you seven facts about this game before it starts:

First, Continue reading Chiefs. Broncos. Tonight.

Dang, Horse – I Trusted You!

I’m not one who’s normally prone to getting a kick out of someone else’s personal problems.  Having been made fun of as a kid (and I’ll just assume it stopped there – I grew up to the point I just ignored people who attempted it while I was an adult) I am fairly sensitive to people in situations that other people seem to laugh at.  Sometimes I’ll turn off a TV show if the person’s situation and potential for it to get made fun of makes me uncomfortable – yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds .  Deal with it.

(side note: that does not extend to people who’s “personal problems” involve things like Continue reading Dang, Horse – I Trusted You!

And Then You Run The Ball

CHIEFS!I love my Chiefs.

I’m not some new bandwagon guy – I’ve always loved my Chiefs. We’re 2-14? Still a Chiefs fan. We haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years? Still wear my red and gold. We forgot to bring an offense to the game? Still yell until I lose my voice and the clock hits zero.

And so it kills me to hear Kansas City torn apart, stuck between two seemingly warring factions: “the Chiefs are the worst 9-0 team in the league” and “the Chiefs are the ONLY 9-0 team in the league”. This was never clearer to me than it was this Sunday on the Continue reading And Then You Run The Ball