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Welcome to Arrowhead

CHIEFS!October 13. Arrowhead Stadium. The hated Oakland Raiders.

Combine those three with a 75-degree Sunday and the best – and loudest – fans in the entire National Football League and what do you have? You have a shattered record.

In 1993 we broke the record in Kansas City with a roar hitting 116 decibels – or roughly the level of a good rock concert – when John Elway and the Denver Asses Donkeys Horseys Broncos battled Joe Montana and the Chiefs. That record easily earned Arrowhead Stadium the title of “loudest open air stadium in the NFL”, a record we held and cherished for years.

But the last Continue reading Welcome to Arrowhead

Found a New Site

Might be legit...I found a new Facebook site:  NFL Memez.  I was perusing around trying to find a particular meme that had Eli Manning (QB for the Giants…kind of) talking to his older brother, Peyton (QB for the Broncos) when I ran across it.

I started laughing so hard at some of these (like the one on the left) that I completely forgot why I had gone to that site originally.

Nobody’s immune here; all’s Continue reading Found a New Site

A Letter to the National Media

Eric Winston was right. Kind of, anyway.

For those of you who heard the O-lineman’s comments after the (embarrassing) Chiefs loss to the Ravens on Sunday afternoon you know they were filled with emotion – as they should be. You’d just lost a close battle (that you should have won on any number of plays), your starting quarterback – who you’re tasked with protecting – just suffered a head injury and if you heard your head coach’s post-game comments you’d be certain you were 4-1 and had just walked off the field victorious. So it’s completely understandable that Continue reading A Letter to the National Media

The Side Dish Wins

If you understand what the image at the right means you’ll appreciate why my Saturday was just awesome instead of incredibly spectacularly awesome.

Let’s be clear – it was a great weekend, period.  The Mullets Return defended our L2 Tournament title AND won the best costume contest for the second year in a row.  The Missouri Tigers got a nice “Welcome to the SEC” present from Georgia.  And I got some excellent action pictures.

But what would have made it better is K-State not blowing out Miami (I’d taken the Hurricanes + 6.5 in the friendly pool we have) and – more importantly – Kansas not getting upset by a side dish from a Chinese restaurant.  (now does the picture make sense?  Rice over Kansas.  No apology for the Continue reading The Side Dish Wins