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Volleyball: Spring Week One

We’ll call this first week of beach volleyball out at Volleyball Beach a success.  Weather today was a little iffy, but by the time 6:15 rolled around the sky had cleared and the sand was only slightly damp.  I tossed on a pair of sand socks before my 8:15 games and my feet were absolutely fine.

Tonight was my first foray this year into four straight hours on the sand.  Sunday was one hour (and I felt it on Monday).  Tuesday was three hours and my back/shoulders were a little stiff.  Tonight was four straight hours and I feel absolutely GREAT right now.  Continue reading Volleyball: Spring Week One

And It Begins!

Tonight marked the beginning of Beach Volleyball Season 2011.  Sure, I think technically Howard (from Volleyball Beach) started the season on Wednesday, but since I don’t play on Wednesdays I don’t qualify that. 🙂

Chickenscratch picked up where we left off last season, taking two out of three on a day that was so windy I now have sympathy for how a wall feels when it’s being sandblasted clean.  Continue reading And It Begins!