Check!It was a good week.

No, it was a great week.

My first week in my new job was spectacular.  I’ve got a great boss, I’m surrounded by a very diverse team and I love what I do.  That’s a trifecta in my book.  Plus I’m back on the Sprint campus and within a short walk from two excellent cafeterias, a convenience store and a Sprint PCS store.  And Sprint happens to believe in investing in technology to make people more productive; something I haven’t always been party to in prior roles.

John Denver’s Flight Manual took first place on a last-round blackout in Music Video Bingo Tuesday night, I had a great time throwing darts with a friend of mine on Wednesday and managed to take first place (for the second week in a row) in Trivia on Thursday.

Then Saturday I found a new show to watch – House of Cards (a Netflix series) – which happens to have a friend of mine’s son in it (Nathan Darrow; he starts as the driver/bodyguard near the start of episode 3) alongside Kevin Spacey.  It’s a great show if you get a chance to watch it; I was hooked from the first episode.

And finally today – Sunday – is the first day of beach volleyball out at Volleyball Beach which, for those of you who don’t know me, is my home away from home.  Two teams on Sunday, four on Tuesday and one on Thursday.  Plus all the pick-up games and subbing…yeah – it’s awesome.

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  1. Do you know any girl B level players that could play in Volley to End Alzheimer’s this Saturday? I need 2. Team is sponsor so no registration fee.

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