Click goes the lightbulbSometimes I’m slow.

This will be one of those startling revelations by anyone who hangs out with me for any period of time.  While my body may tuned to automatically react to a volleyball shot when it comes to social situations my brain sometimes pulls the equivalent of grinding into second gear in a candy apple red ’69 Mustang.

For the most part these situations are short-lived; it’s a few moments and things suddenly fall back into place.  Every so often it will take a little longer and I might maintain that puzzled or clueless look for a few hours or days before I wake up a 3am one morning finally understanding (yes, that’s happened).

But I had a realization this weekend.  I don’t know whether it was driven by the absolutely spectacular time I had at Lauren & Gabe’s wedding on Friday, the long (what-seemed-like-days-but-was-only-really-90-minutes) hungover drive back from Excelsior Springs on Saturday morning or the blood coursing through my veins at the Children’s Place tournament on Saturday evening but things I’ve been slow on for years started clicking in place this weekend for me, starting last night when I crashed hard after dropping in the quarterfinals of the tourney.

The thing that drives me nuts is I probably really knew the answers a long time ago but it didn’t really click until recently.  I don’t know why – I like to think I’m not stupid – but when I see what the answer is it’s hard not to think something along the lines of “it took you THAT long to figure it out?”

But c’est la vie.

Last note (no, no point to this post – just a random thought) – thank you to all my friends and family who have been asking me if I’m alright.  A lot of my posts this last month have been all melancholy or deep or what not, prompting some “ummmm…you OK?” comments.  I really appreciate the concern and I’m good – just going through a bunch of stuff in my life that’s no fun.  But I’m strong enough to make it through – it just takes time (and probably a little more whining/venting/pontificating).

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