Defending Texel

Sometimes I hate my random roamings around the Google Play store.

I keep the number of games on my phone to a minimum.  Not because I don’t like video games (I love them – I have dozens of games on my computer and play the Xbox and PS3 with the kids) but because for the most part I’m pretty disappointed with the fare on the phone platform.

There are a few notable exceptions to that rule.  Candy Crush Saga – which I hate with all my being – is one; I still play Shipwrecked once a day, just to get swords (although I’m not a big fan of the game these days); a friend got me hooked on Knights and Dragons which is an entertaining game with pretty basic gameplay that makes for a good “when you have 5 minutes to play” distraction.

But there’s one game that’s far-and-away taken up my attention when it comes to mobile video games: Defender of Texel (or D.O.T. for short).

I originally was just after a small time killer, with an eye out for revenge to the friend I mentioned above who got me hooked on Knights & Dragons.  It had to be an RPG and free to play because I’m just not a fan of paying for something I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy.  That lasted about two rounds.  Once I got my feet under me I was absolutely, positively hooked.  The game is simple.  You have a band of nine fighters to journey with, lined up in a 3×3 square.  Each one has different skills and weaknesses.

And each has a “special attack” which can be employed every couple of attacks.  My big red dog, for instance, belches fire out and attacks all the enemies in the line.  There’s a dragon rider who employs a tornado and a minotaur that causes lava to come from the ground.

For each encounter (whether with other players or bands of enemy creatures) you pick three lines – either horizontal, vertical or diagonal.  That means during each encounter you employ anywhere from 6 to 9 of your fighters.  If you win you move on; if you lose you start over.  Wins bring you “pixite”, “voxite”, “xmasite” or other goodies which you can use to build more fighters.

Pretty simple and basic.  Where it gets REALLY fun is the fact that you can “evolve” your fighters.  You start off with “common” fighters, and when you get 5 of the same you can evolve them to “uncommon”.  Uncommons evolve to “rare”; rare to “epic” and epic to “legendary”.  Some fighters max out at rare; others at epic; others at legendary.

And then there are the “special” side games/journeys.  Right now we’re battling Christmas trees.  You start by defeating an enemy group’s sentries, then have to fight a really angry and mean Christmas tree, followed by knocking all the ornaments off of and destroying a big ol’ Christmas tree.  A few weeks ago was a Thanksgiving-themed set of side games; I can’t wait for what’s next.  Winning these (or even playing in these) gets you other goodies.

And there’s an economy attached; you can trade units or power-ups (like “nux bits”, which give you additional battle points).  Maybe you’re trying to upgrade Greengrief, and someone else really needs Bitters (which give you full energy).

There’s so much to this game I’m still learning – unfortunately because the person who I successfully got revenge on is now even more addicted than me and is constantly schooling me on it.  Karma, I suppose.

If you need a time killer (who doesn’t?) give it a shot.  Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, but if you enjoy MMORPGs this is worth a look.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…

If you download and play either free game plug in my code for Texel (FF73) or Knights and Dragons (WBF-BGX-XPM) if you’d be so kind; we both get bonus stuff.

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