Did Somebody Say ‘Badminton’?

It's badminton time!Why yes, yes they did – as in a beach badminton tournament out at my home away from home – Volleyball Beach (who, incidentally, has an awesome new website up – make sure you check it out!).

It’s the Wayside Waifs Charity badminton tournament on July 13th at 6:30pm and it might be a first in the world of the best beach volleyball complex in the midwest.  You’ve seen Olympic-style badminton on TV (maybe “seen” is a bad word; you can’t actually see the birdies get pounded around because things fly so fast) and now it’s time to experience it yourself with a few added twists.

The Olympics have nothing on this tournament.  Forget the climate-controlled gym, lack of chilly cold beverages and hardwood surface that two players move around on.  That’s all for weak players.  You play real badminton on the sand with four players on a 30×60-foot court.  With the promise of a chilly favorite beverage hidden underneath the tents when you and your team of three others taste the sweetness of victory after you put that last birdie on the ground.

And for awards?  Sure there’s prestige in having one of those gold medals hanging around your neck, but let me ask you this – do you think Lin Dan or Li Xuerui scored a Time Out Vacations Certificate for a FREE 8-day, 7-night condominum stay to one of 19 resort destinations?  I’m betting that answer is no, but that’s exactly what each member of your team will get if you take home first place in the tournament.

But victories and condo stays and bragging rights aside, remember this post from The Paul Gillespie Experience?  You’ll be helping a good cause simply by joining the fun and playing in the tournament.  As you can probably tell by the name the tourney is to benefit Wayside Waifs – the pet shelter where you can adopt cats and dogs (I haven’t seen any potbelly pigs there, although it’s possible that’s somewhere in the future plans).  We’ve gotten several of our pets from there – they give tremendous veterinarian care and do a great job matching you to a new family member.  But all that support and food and care isn’t free, so events like these help keep the shelter running.

And if for some reason you can’t make an awesome Saturday night badminton tournament out at the beach don’t worry – there are at least eight more opportunities for you to support charitable causes this summer after this one.  Check out the Calendar or Tournaments page for more details!


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