Double Features

I love this thing.I absolutely love drive-ins.  I can get my entire family in the door for $50 ($10/person over 11) to see two first-run movies and not have to worry about signing over an entire paycheck for a box of Skittles and a large Coke.  Plus if the first movie is good enough (read: Shrek, the best animated movie ever created) then on the weekends I can watch it again – so three movies for the price of one in the theaters.

The downside: none.

So on that topic we need to plan a Friday or Saturday night at the drive-in.  There are three around here – I-70 (4 screens, KCMO), Twin (2 screens, Independence) and Boulevard (1 screen, KCK).  I-70 is my favorite; I won’t say I find my way from one movie screen to another to watch three different movies in one night…but I will say it’s possible depending on the movies given the number of screens.  We’ll pick a couple of movies, pack a couple of coolers full of beverages (abiding by posted policies, of course…wouldn’t dream of violating those…) and a few bags of snacks and hit the drive-in full force.

Who’s with me?  When are we doing it?

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