Ending A Chapter Of Life

Today marks the end of an era in my life.

I’m holding back tears as I write this because I prefer not to cry (don’t give me that whole “real men cry” line, either), and I am so hyped up on caffeine I’m not sure I would be able to stop if I started.  But it really is a sad day in my life, and one that will impact (at least peripherally) The Paul Gillespie Experience.

I’m not entirely sure what going forward looks like in this aspect of my world, but regardless I have no doubt I’ll get through it – I always do.

Now that I have you sufficiently  freaked out about what in the world is happening to Pauly let me end the suspense.

My favorite coffee shop is closing as of 12:00 noon today.

For those who have been following me on The Paul Gillespie Experience you will recognize how much of an impact this has on my life.  I absolutely love coffee (surprise) and when I find a place that will let me hang out and drink substantial amounts of coffee with good and personable baristas I enjoy spending my time and money there.  The Dunn Bros off of Red Bridge & Holmes was that kind of place.

The coffee – which was roasted in-house daily – was excellent; there was rarely a time I couldn’t find a seat somewhere to sit and read/work; the folks working there were good, funny and personable; the free Internet connection (table stakes for me) was stable and fast.

But alas – now ’tis no more.

Apparently the partners who ran that particular franchise decided they needed to focus on their core business (which wasn’t the coffee shop) and as such shut it down.

There are other coffee shops around – there are several Starbucks within short driving distance; Cafe Main up off Main Street in Grandview; an IHOP cafe/coffee shop further east on Red Bridge.  And they’re good – I never have a poor cup of coffee, nor do I typically have issues with the Internet connection.  And some of the people at my Starbucks off State Line are pretty awesome.  But none of those options are Dunn Bros, Red Bridge Edition.

I’m pretty sure all the folks there found other gigs so they’ll be fine, but selfishly now I have to find a new place to spend Saturday mornings when I need to blog or read a book or just take a break.  Or afternoons when I need to get out of the office away from distractions for a couple of hours and do some planning.  Or early mornings when I need a good coffee fix to start my day.  And while I’m hopeful I’m not optimistic that there’s an equivalent place for me to move to.  Similar, yes; the same, no way.

But life goes on; just in a new chapter.

(post image courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio)

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