First #FAIL

Epic #FAILOK, maybe not quite as bad as the #FAIL on the left (only from Microsoft…), but one nonetheless.  This morning, for the first time in 3+ weeks, I did not complete every exercise of every set of my Insanity workout.

Up to this point I’ve been doing pretty well.  I haven’t had the consistent speed of exercises and I tend to take longer breaks than the others but I’ve managed to at least do a material number of every single exercise in every single set up to this point, trying to keep the proper form on each one.

However, yesterday morning I pulled my calf muscle doing warm-ups (I know, right???).  Anyone who knows me knows that’s not something that generally will stop me from doing, well, anything, and so not only did I do the workout (with a few less reps than normal because of the pain) but I went ahead and played six hours of volleyball on it (five hours of league, one of pick-up) afterwards, running hard the entire time, after spraying on a little BioFreeze (incidentally, if you have never used BioFreeze you don’t know what you’re missing – it’s pure gold for muscle injuries) .

This morning I paid for that indiscretion (I always wanted to say that and even though it doesn’t make any sense in the context of this blog post you get the idea).  I hobbled my way down the garage steps to start my workout, figuring some of the warm-ups would loosen the muscle up enough to get it working again.

Not so much.

As long as I didn’t jump or land on it (i.e., have to actually stretch the calf muscle) I was golden, but today’s regimen (Cardio Power & Resistance) was definitely not conducive to that, and as such I skipped the Power Jumps and the Globe Jumps.  I didn’t just sit, though – I did push-ups, some of the squat-and-thrust-your-hands-out-in-front-of-you-exercises and kept my body moving while Shaun T was driving the rest of the people into the ground, but alas – I can no longer say I’ve done all the exercises throughout the entire program.

C’est la vie; considering I’m on my last week of the “easy” month and have a good seven hours of volleyball scheduled tomorrow night it’s probably better that I don’t push myself farther than I already have.

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