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I’m one of those fans of those “small rectangular objects called books that require a little effort on my part” (to paraphrase “The NeverEnding Story“).  I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction – everything from Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” to “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz.  On my bookshelf (both real and digital) you’ll find books on Java Programming, discovering strengths and Dungeons and Dragons; military thrillers, fantasy stories and suspenseful dramas.

There are two books that hold a special place on my bookshelf, though – Red Storm Rising (by Tom Clancy) from a fiction standpoint and The Four Hour Workweek (by Tim Ferriss) on the non-fiction side.  The former is a great yarn about what World War III could be like; the latter is a “how to” guide to make better use of your most precious commodity (time) while being more productive.  I’ve read both of them multiple times (Red Storm Rising three plus an abridged audiocast; The Four Hour Workweek four plus twice on CD) and fully expect to read them both again.

My latest literary endeavor on the fiction side is Coding Isis, a techno-thriller by David Roys.  It’s OK – not something I’m likely to read twice, but something I’ll finish.  Even if it’s not my typical idea of a good read it’s actually given me some really good non-fiction ideas/inspiration, so it was a good investment of $0 (I love free books on my Kindle app).

With non-fiction books I generally like to do a “quick” read-through the first time to get the high-level concepts and figure out if the book is likely to be useful to me in the way I envisioned it would be.  If that answer is “no” then I’ll Half-Price Books it (yes, I just verbed the name of a bookstore – tremble in awe at my literary ability, boys and girls).  If it’s “yes” then I’ll do a deeper read and bounce around from chapter to chapter (assuming that’s the kind of book it is).

So when I say “I’m reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau for the second time” (that’s the book you see as the post image) that’s pretty high praise in my book (no pun intended…ok fine, pun fully intended).  I can count on one hand how many non-fiction books I’ve read multiple times despite my love of reading, so if there’s a book out there that gets a subsequent read-through that means I got enough out of it that I can apply it to my life (which is, typically, why I’m reading a non-fiction book).  The book, coupled with the companion website (, is a great practical roadmap to starting a side business or replacing your current job (depending on where you want to go).

I happen to have an extra copy of it, so if you’re up for reading it just let me know and you’re more than welcome to it.  The only thing I’d ask is when you’re finished with it that you pass it on to someone else.  Just drop me a line and we’ll go from there!

(and no – I get nothing out of recommending this book but the satisfaction of knowing that I might help someone get a step closer to realizing a dream…or at least get a good read in)

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