Halloween Is In Jeopardy

OK, that might be overstating it a wee bit.

It’s not like the world would end.  Kids would still trick-or-treat.  Chuck would still be on TV (albeit on Fridays this season, not Mondays).  The sun would rise.

But dammit – it just won’t be the same if I don’t have a custom-created costume donned for the annual Halloween party.

Yes, the party will still be an absolutely great time, whether I’m wearing a costume or not.  As long as I’m wearing clothes, period, we’re going to have a great time (we won’t ponder what happens if I go streaking).

But it won’t be the same.  Every year I come up with something fun to be, and I build those costumes myself.  Whether it’s the Easy Button (yes – the Staples Easy Button), Change (a bunch of change pasted to sweater) or a wingman (an airplane wing with a hole cut out for the face) that’s half the fun of Halloween for me.  The other half is watching the kids excitement, and the other half is the party.  Yes, I recognize that’s three halves, but this is an awesome holiday so it deserves at least three of them.

So here’s the problem.  I’ve had a great idea for several weeks, but I quickly discovered after purchasing a reciprocal saw (which I actually have other uses for – I didn’t but the saw solely for the costume) and four different blades that cutting through the material I was cutting through just wasn’t going to happen.  I might still be able to salvage it but I’m not hopeful.

So now I’m three days before the Volleyball Beach Halloween party (you are coming, aren’t you?) and four days from the most awesome Halloween bash in Kansas City without a costume.  I’m too proud to go to the store and buy one (besides, then it’s not mine).  I thought about leveraging some of these (from the Chive), but my time is fairly limited.  And besides – then it’s not mine.

What kills me is the original costume idea was simple.  Sure, it required some major construction and probably some hot glue, gorilla tape and other assorted stuff.  But it was really simple.  Really, really simple.  But simple doesn’t necessarily mean “easy“…as I found out the hard way.

So off I go to find a good alternative.  That’s mine.

Wish me luck.

(post image courtesy of luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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