Not sure how I should feel...So I decided to check the site stats here to see if there was anything to be gleaned from them.  I make it a habit to check regularly to see if there are any trends or anything, and one of the areas I always look at are the Search Engine Terms – effectively the words people searched on to find The Paul Gillespie Experience.  I can always use Google Analytics for it but WordPress (which is the engine I use to blog on) gives me a good snapshot and it’s easy.

So I checked it and was, well…intrigued.  I’ve had a lot of terms that have pointed people to the blog before, and some of my posts seem to garner Google’s sense of humor when they reference them.  But these were interesting.

And not necessarily in a good way, I might add.  You can see the list at the top of this post.

I’m hip to having Paul Gillespie tied to “motivational monday quotes” – after all I’m a fan of The Chive, and specifically Motivational Mondays there.

And “you are crazy i like it” makes sense, too – remember the quote from a friend of mine when I decided to take my chances and pass up a pretty attractive job offer last December (this post).

“Inspire” goes without saying; that’s awesome and you can use “Paul Gillespie” and “inspire” in the same sentence any day you want to.

But then there are the other terms.

“obnoxious person” doesn’t really go for the approach I’m after (although if you Google Paul Gillespie obnoxious you get, well, pretty much all The Paul Gillespie Experience results).

But the most perplexing is “”.  I’m not exactly a cat fan.  I don’t mind cats – they’re fine – and cats fit my personality more than dogs do, I suppose.  But I’m pretty sure you won’t find any kind of positive cat references on the site (nor any negative ones, I don’t think) and I can’t imagine you’d find a cat picture on the site or a reference to “” anywhere.  So how someone stumbled across the site with those search terms…a mystery.

Oh well – we’ll chalk it up to one of those things that have no explanation.  Besides, the important thing isn’t what search terms people use to find the blog but how you (my favorite readers) and I enjoy the site – and y’all haven’t complained so we’ll call it good.

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