How Not To Get A Customer

I had an interesting experience this morning as I was headed off to work.  I haven’t run into this before, and I hope I never run into it again.  It was about as big a failure to get me as a customer as you can get.

I left my house to head to Starbucks to get some work done.  Parked on the street outside my front yard was a truck from a tree service company.  I didn’t think anything of it – they were parked out there yesterday, as well.  I walked down my sidewalk to my driveway and I noticed the tree company truck started moving as well.  Again, no big deal – I love on the first cul-de-sac on the block so it’s not unusual at all to have cars turn around there.

I got to my car, popped my trunk and tossed in my computer bag and then looked up to find that the tree company truck had stopped right in front of my driveway.  Not in front of the yard by my driveway – right in front of my driveway.  As in blocked – if I wanted to get out before he moved his truck I would have to drive through my yard.

Bad enough, but there was a car right behind him (a neighbor) who was patiently waiting for him to continue to drive.  They ended up going around; the tree company truck ended up putting it in park.

I’m usually a pretty amicable person.  I smile all the time and I will start up a friendly conversation with just about anyone.  At the very least I’ll return a “hi, how are you today?” with something along the lines of “I’m [whatever I am]; how about you?”.  But when you park in front of my driveway and impede my ability to leave – as I’m clearly planning on leaving (driver’s door open, just put a backpack in the trunk…) – that amicability towards you goes away.  He asked how I was, I said “fine” and left it at that.  He said “I was looking at your maple out–” and I did something I never do, even to salespeople making a pitch – I interrupted him and said “not even remotely interested, thanks” and got in my car.

Thankfully the guy didn’t try a second pitch – I don’t know if he realized he had a 0% chance of getting me or if it was something else – and he drove off.

This was a tree company who put two flyers on my door already, so it’s not like they haven’t made their pitch.  And I don’t have any issue with a live pitch, but using your car to physically impede me from leaving and forcing my neighbors to go around you because you stop in front of a driveway is a guaranteed way to not have me ever call you.

Do I need to do something with the maple limb?  Maybe, but if I do I’ll end up renting a lift and resolving it myself before I call that tree company.

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