I Hate Garage Doors

I hate garage doors. Not “dislike”, not “am not a fan of”; HATE. Pure, unadulterated HATE. What was supposed to be an afternoon’s worth of work and $600 in hardware has turned into $1100 – currently – and my entire weekend…and it’s still not even remotely done.

The problem isn’t (mostly) the door itself – that’s easy.  That’s taking a 7/16″ socket to about a million and a half bolts and screws to attach an untold number of hinges, brackets and roller holders.  That’s pretty easy and didn’t take that long.  Nor did the removal of the old one; once I figured out the best way to do it it was maybe 30 minutes to undo the bolts, let the door fall on me (that hurt) and remove the tracks.

No, the problem is the &*(#@& house I live in.  Whomever designed it was either drunk at the time or a certified sadist – or quite possibly both.  Apparently they thought it would be a good idea to do everything in the house non-normal because that would cause anyone trying to repair their crap to get so frustrated they entertain the idea of going all Charlie on it.

So I can’t have a 7-foot garage door – oh, no.  It has to be a 6.5′ garage door.  And I can’t have 10 inches of clearance over the garage door – heaven forbid.  I have 9 inches.  And we can’t support things in a normal way – of COURSE not.  We have to have custom-built trusses to support the garage door.

So on top of $900 worth of garage doors I had to go out and find a low-clearance kit and a truss setup.  The latter, I found out in the instructions, isn’t designed to support an extension spring.  Luckily that was just a $20 each door mistake, and I can use them to lend further support anyway and just use the old ones. And the low-clearance kit that I paid $75 for (per door, incidentally)?  Worthless at this point because it’s assuming a 7-foot door installation so while I can install all the pieces successfully (again, the easy part) the rollers don’t reach the (new) secondary track they’re supposed to run on.  They fall – imagine this – about 6″ short.

So after spending my entire day on it yesterday (punctuated by about a half-dozen trips to Lowes, Home Depot and True Value) and several hours today I threw in the towel, at least for this weekend.  I’m going to have to either drop $400 to get them both installed professionally or find some way to get a smaller flag bracket.  Or maybe just ditch the new tracks and go with the old ones.

But for now I’m hanging out at Starbucks, plotting the rest of my life and wanting to  seek the answer in the bottom of a bottle (which I can’t because I rode my motorcycle).

Good weekend.

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