I Still Have The Best Friends

I have some of both...Just in case there was any question – I still have the best friends in the world.  There is no one else I’d rather surround myself with than the people I get to call friends.  They’re funny, witty, helpful, smart, entertaining, amusing and fun.  Whether it’s hanging out late to play some pick-up beach volleyball,listening to me vent about whatever in life happens to have me down or helping me track down something vital in short order my friends are some of the best you’ll find on God’s green Earth.

(I’m sorry if you thought you had the best friends; you’d be mistaken)

So I’m going to throw out another “THANK YOU” to them.  For those that keep me out of trouble and those that get me right back in it: danke!  To those that help me out and those that let me help them: gracias!  For those that know my limits and those that push me right past them: spasibo!  Those who put up with me; those who entertain me and those who hand me that drink: thank you!

I really am blessed in life, and having the best family and friends in the world is one heck of a big reason for that.

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