I’m Coming Home

Home.  Except the snow.  And the fortress.  And the mountains.

“I’m coming home

I’m coming home

Tell the world I’m coming home

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday…”

(“I’m Coming Home” by Diddy)

OK, completely different context than the lyrics of the song, but I’m coming home anyway.

Effective later this month

I’m back at Sprint in an employee capacity.  Currently I’m a contractor there doing contract analysis and metadata extraction (which I enjoy quite a bit – it helps when you have a good boss and a good team around you) but on the 24th I transition to a full-time employee in Finance. I’m very excited – I’ve had a number of conversations with people in the organization I’m moving into as well as the former incumbent in that position (a friend of mine who moved over into Sourcing where I’m at currently) and unless the role is 100% opposite of what we discussed I can’t imagine not enjoying it fully.

For me this is coming home.  I started my professional career at Sprint in 1997 and only left when we spun the local division as Embarq (later to become CenturyLink) in mid-2006.  I’m excited to be back with a yellow strip on my badge (denoting “employee” vs. the purple “contractor”).

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love what I do working for David as a Contract Specialist.  It is something I am pretty good at, we have a diverse team full of different personalities and a boss who takes the time to listen and could always keep the mood light (which is something I always try to do myself).  And while there are still months left on the contract and no end to contract work in sight after that I wanted to shift into an employee role.  Not so much the “permanent” side (there is no “permanent” in the business world today) but something that’s full-time with benefits, etc.

It’s an individual contributor role as part of a small team – which is perfect for me at this point.  I’m ultimately looking to get back to a leadership and management role but for now I’m perfectly content being “the go to guy” while the world around me gets sorted out.

And thus starts a new journey – let’s have some fun.

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