In Search Of?

If you’re in need of a sharp person who understands contracts I’ve got someone for you.  I have a friend with whom I’ve worked (I know – I bet you never thought I’d ever figure out the proper usage of the word “whom”…but after 39 years I did!) who is currently in search of a job in the realm of contracts.

I’ve had first-hand experience working with this person on contract analysis and can vouch for their ability to understand and dissect contracts.  That’s probably a result of their history, which includes roles as a contract administrator and contracts paralegal.

Their temporary gig just ended and they’re in the mode of looking for the next thing.  I know The Paul Gillespie Experience has readers from all over; if you’re familiar with any jobs (contractor/temporary or full-time/permanent) in that vein that could use a solid individual please let me know.

Much appreciated!

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