Insane Reboot

I get motivated just reading that.I’ve hit this link four times already and I’m still laughing out loud…because it’s so true (especially #10 – #13).  A friend of mine (the one who introduced me to Insanity) sent me this link and it’s absolutely hilarious.  “24 Things That Happen When You Decide To Do The Insanity Program” (found on Buzzfeed) is a pretty dang accurate (and hilarious) representation of the Insanity program.  There are some inside jokes in there but even if you’re not familiar with it you’ll get a kick out of it.

I rebooted my Insanity workout this morning.  The two weeks I’ve barely done anything; between the wedding, the aftermath of 14 hours of partying at the wedding, two volleyball tournaments and general stuff going on I let my morning routine of hating Shaun T fall apart (bad set of excuses, I know – that’s part of why I got myself a Brain Trust).  Let me tell you, even two weeks off the program I still benefit from the time I put into it before – my cardio is still pretty good, I don’t have any issues doing the exercises (although I’m slower/more take-a-break-prone than before) and I actually feel like I’m working my core more than I was before (maybe my body needed a rest?).  But it still hurt; I have no illusions about how I’m going to feel in the mornings after I start back.  Not as bad as #12 in the “24 Things…” link above, but I’m going to keep a bottle of Advil right next to me at all times, just in case.

So yes – I’m still doing the program…for better or worse.

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