Insanity: Day 1

InsanityInsanity hasn’t killed me yet. I survived the first real day of workouts, although I was winded after doing the stretches (yes, I’m just kidding; I’m not that out of shape…seriously. Quit doubting me like that). Today’s set was plyometric cardio – a lot of core jumping and stuff. We had basketball jump shots, boxing upper-cuts and skiing moves coupled with Heismans, football blocking and a number of others. I made it through the entire 40-ish minute course, although my speed was pretty slow by the end (although I did try to keep the form tight).

I started the day off at 193.2 pounds; up two from my Saturday weigh-in for the Fitness Test (because that’s what happens when you eat barbeque and barbeque and barbeque over the Memorial Day weekend). That’s OK – I expect in a week or two we’ll be back below that magic (?) 190 pound mark, either because I’m actually losing weight or because all my muscles left me because I was pushing them too hard.

I’m starting to think my friend was right – coupling it with roughly 7 hours of volleyball in the sand tonight is going to be an experiment in just how little I want to be able to move around tomorrow. But I’m dedicated to the task; my beach volleyball time will not suffer for want of a more in-shape body. My ability to remain upright and not scream in pain may, but not my volleyball. And besides there’s always Aleve (my new favorite meal) … provided I have enough mobility to make it to the medicine cabinet and get one.

Day 1 in the books – 59 more to go.

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