Insanity: The First Week

Excuses. Bah.One week in the books and I’m still alive.

Barely, but still alive.

I really did not think my decision to do Insanity at this point in the year through very well, and that’s blatantly clear right now.  I took an Aleve this morning and I’m pretty sure I heard it laugh and say “SERIOUSLY???” as I popped it into my mouth.  I hurt.

Of course part of that might be the fact that on top of my Sunday Insanity workout (Saturday was the rest day) I played six and a half hours of championship sand volleyball on Saturday (way to go Sandy Six Nines!) and another five hours (including winning our 9:00 quads league – go Sandy Pirate Hookers!) on Sunday.

Either way, though, clearly my decision to seek advice from a friend that’s done it who also plays volleyball was a little bit too late; it’s looking like I might have picked the wrong side of the “you’re not going to be able to do both” (implicit) challenge.  But that’s OK – I will power through this until I’m physically unable to do it.

You know, if I could put aside the fact that I hate Shaun T with every single fiber of my body I really like him.  He’s a good coach; if you can get over the fact “success” is defined as “a complete inability for the class to move when we’re done” he can probably teach you how to do just about anything fitness-wise.  There’s no obnoxious music playing or Richard Simmons-esque oddity; just straight workouts for 35-45 minutes each.

I rearranged my schedule slightly; I decided Saturdays needed to be my rest day (and by “rest” I mean “no workout, but 6-7 hours of tournament volleyball”) and because I play for roughly 6 or 7 hours on Tuesday nights those should probably be my cardio recovery days (less strenuous).

My only concern right now is I haven’t felt the burn in the abs as much as I thought I would.  My thighs – yes.  My calves – hell yes.  My abs – not so much.  Maybe that’s because I already did a basic tune-up on them at volleyball, or maybe I’m just not doing the drills right.

That’s not true – my other only concern is the fact that I’m going to have to shift my diet a bit.  Clearly the whole barebeque, fries, burgers, etc., thing isn’t going to play nicely with 40 minutes of intense workout; they’re going to battle each other to the death (of any progress, anyway).  So I’m going to cut back on carbs (I’ve already nixed sugar a few months back) and see how that works.  I really can’t give up a good Gates beef-on-bun (without the bun), nor am I going to pretend to give up the taste of a nice Pale Ale or Summer Shandy on a hot summer day, so things like bread, fries, etc. are now officially off my list of things to eat.  We’ll see if that helps at all.

Alright, I’m back to the grind this evening, working on a few more pictures from the One by One beach volleyball tournament this weekend (miss that post?  Click here).

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